For nomadic Douglass, any court is game

Even for home games, the Douglass boys’ basketball team must travel.

The players leave school and make their way to various courts around Columbia, wherever they can schedule time to play.

Now You Know

What’s new: Residents and doctors at University Hospital’s division of neurological surgery are using mobile picture phones to transmit images of X-rays, MRIs and computer axial tomography scans of patients to improve the speed and quality of diagnosis.

An informal study conducted by George Galvan, a third-year neurosurgery resident, and Michael Oh, an assistant professor, included more than 50 patients during six months whose examination by interns and residents was supervised by attending physicians through transmitted images.


For Nancy Price, the world walks into her classroom every day. For 23 years, Price has met hundreds of international students who are studying English as a second language.

Six months after receiving a master’s degree in 1981 from the University of Illinois, Price started teaching English as a second language at MU.