Fog, red light slow morning commute

Freezing fog and a faulty traffic light at Providence Road and Broadway delayed Columbia commuters on Thursday morning. The fog descended on the city at about midnight Wednesday and continued until noon Thursday. The conditions caused poor visibility, allowing people to see only a quarter mile. Arno Perlow, data acquisition program manager with the National Weather Service in St. Louis, characterized freezing fog as “a dense fog with temperatures below the freezing mark.”

Perlow said low temperatures cause the moisture from the fog to freeze when it hits surfaces, covering the road with a slick glaze.

Petitioners halt voluntary annexation proposal

Petitioners acquired more than the required number of signatures to halt Billy Sapp's 1,000 acre voluntary annexation proposal.

The Harg Area Residents for Responsible Growth, or HARG, needed signatures from at least 2 percent of qualified Columbia voters and acquired 2.9 percent.