Aiming to make a thin mint

More than 100 vehicles were loaded with highly addictive sweets and sent into the community this weekend. Eight thousand cases, with 12 boxes of goodies per case, left the Fry Wagner warehouse headed for Columbia’s neighborhoods. The operation has been almost a year in the making and could stop at your door soon.

Columbians, your cookies are coming.

Events converge to push SMSU bill

If you’ve watched the World Series or Super Bowl, you might have noticed athletes donning T-shirts and hats proclaiming their teams world champs — often just moments after the game ends.

To look good in victory requires some advance work by an entrepreneur.

Tigers enjoy road victory

LINCOLN, Neb. — As Missouri coach Quin Snyder left the Devaney Sports Center on Saturday after Missouri’s 56-53 win against Nebraska, he was met by an unfamiliar sound: applause.

A group of about 30 Missouri fans gathered in the hall outside the Tigers’ locker room. As Snyder emerged, the group did what it had waited the 45 minutes since the end of the game to do. It offered a wild cheering ovation.

State Farm has plans to pay for improper car titles

Columbians who have bought used cars from State Farm Insurance Co. since 1997 might receive compensation later this year. Their eligibility for compensation could be a surprise because many owners unknowingly bought cars that had been stolen or salvaged after being totaled.

State Farm, the country’s largest home and car insurer, will pay $40 million nationwide for totaled cars it sold without proper titles. It signed an agreement with attorneys general in 49 states and the District of Columbia to acknowledge the title errors. Indiana made a separate deal. The company is working with motor vehicle departments to locate an estimated 30,000 to 40,000 cars.

Pictures of the Year

For the next three weeks, Columbia and MU resume their tradition of hosting judging of the previous year’s best photographs.

For the 62nd year, the Pictures of the Year International competition will once again challenge visual media figures to honor colleagues within the industry.

Spaniel honored at Westminster

Debi Bell and her prized show dog, Willie, share a peanut butter parfait at Dairy Queen each time he wins a Best in Show ribbon. Willie, an 8-year-old English toy spaniel, has eaten plenty of ice cream during his career because he’s been in the top five of his breed for five years running.

Willie recently added his second Best of Breed award at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.


Each day, John Stephens, a sophomore at MU, devotes time to drawing. He has produced a comic strip, “The 12,” for about a year, and he tries to come out with a new one each week.

Stephens posts them on his door in McDavid Residence Hall, and he distributes them to about 30 of his friends, relatives and co-workers through e-mail.

Now You Know

Ocean sulfate levels

What was learned: A team of geologists, including former MU professor of geological science Tim Lyons, developed a method for estimating sulfate levels in ancient oceans as a way to measure oxygen concentrations in the atmosphere at the same time.

Seat belt law would get tougher under bill

Missouri drivers who are fined for not wearing their seat belts must first be caught in another traffic violation.

But if legislators pass a new bill, police will be able to stop motorists solely for not wearing a seat belt, which national studies have shown could save thousands of lives and millions of dollars in medical costs.

Free gifts, direct-mail campaign help alumni association grow

Everybody loves free stuff, and the MU Alumni Association knows that.

Along with other tactics, the association sends small gifts to entice people to join the club. Membership peaked in June at more than 35,000.

Students dodge for cash

War cries filled the air at MU’s Student Recreation Complex.

At the blow of a whistle, 20 players charged for the 10 balls sitting at midcourt, some bellowing and shrieking as they clamored for the blue, yellow and red rubber balls.

Dodgeball teams such as the Facebreakers and Greatest Hits Vol. 1 looked to intimidate teams with brute strength, while others, like Delta Upsilon and the Penthouse Players, relied on teamwork to succeed.

Parents, experts push ban on mercury in some vaccines

Staunch isn’t a strong enough word to describe Lujene and Alan Clark’s support for a proposed new law that would prohibit mercury-based preservatives from being included in childhood vaccines.

The Southwest Missouri couple’s 9-year-old son, Devon, has Asperger’s syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder. Some scientists and parents of autistic children have suggested that excessive exposure to thimerosal, a preservative that contains mercury, could contribute to the disease.

Breaking down language barriers

When Washington University students realized that some immigrant workers on the St. Louis campus were struggling to communicate, they put a unique twist on community service.

Rather than step off campus to find a place to be of help, they began a volunteer program at the university. Immigrant university staffers who want to improve their English can meet one-on-one with about 45 student volunteers, who offer help in reading, writing and conversation skills.

Bruins, Kewpies reverse roles

What a difference a year makes.

Twelve months ago, the Rock Bridge girls’ basketball team was preparing for a district tournament that it was not given much of a chance to win, while Hickman, with eight seniors, geared up to make a run at the state title.

Professors evaluate tsunami’s aftermath

Disasters, like the killer tsunami on Dec. 26, have a negative long-term effect on the world, an associate professor of economics said in a forum Thursday.

“One of the things I think you see in the newspapers is a statement that natural disasters can make us better off, and in the long run can be a good thing. I want to convince you that that’s absurd,” said MU’s Kenneth R. Troske.

Chubby pets need special diet, vets say

People aren’t the only ones who can be fat; their pets can, too.

And it’s up to the owners to do something about it, says a pet-weight expert at MU.

Kraftova’s return bolsters Tigers

It was a good time to welcome back a missing player.

The Missouri women’s tennis team beat Iowa State 6-2 on Sunday to sweep its weekend homestand at Green Tennis Center. On Friday, the Tigers beat Murray State 7-0.

Forum to focus on giving pupils extra help

Parents of students in the Columbia Public Schools are invited to meet with members of the special education department to discuss the Individual Education Plan process.

The process is aimed at assisting children who need extra attention in the classroom.

Missouri golfers get back on course

The Central District Invitational today and Tuesday in Parrish Fla., will be the Missouri women’s golf team’s first competition this year.

The Tigers most recently played in the beginning of November, but coach Stephanie Cooper does not believe that the layoff will affect her team.

MU swimmers get it together

The freshman swimmers overcooked the pasta and it stuck to the pan, but the Missouri men’s swimming and diving team still had a great time at its dinner party on Friday night.

The team watched “American History X” and loaded itself with carbohydrates. The goal: a fun evening together.