Stopping Smith

SHREVEPORT, LA. - The focus of the South Carolina football team could be summed up in one statement Thursday, as the Gamecocks made final preparations for their Independence Bowl match up today against Missouri.

Missouri explores options

What exactly, if the situation was to arise, would a college basketball team do without their starting point guard and floor general?

Rice makes good, finally

Two years ago, Sidney Rice was a big deal. A star high school football and basketball player in Gaffney, S.C, he was one of those guys who everyone knew.

A friendship based on faith ... and fishing

There are more than 100 players on the Missouri football team, and some friendships seem to form naturally.

Shreveport's soiree

SHREVEPORT, La. — The Independence Bowl gets some Americans to turn on their televisions for a few hours at the end of the year. For big college football fans, it might even be a reason for temporary excitement before it becomes an afterthought in the shadow of more prestigious bowls.

Just in case you do get a hangover

The holiday season is renowned for overindulgence, and New Year’s Eve celebrations are no exception. But beware the aches and pains that accompany the morning after the night before.

Got a second? Everybody gets one more on Saturday

“5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... and 1 again! Happy New Year!”

Alcohol servers learn limits

Servers in 20 of Columbia’s bars and restaurants have learned the consequences of serving underage and intoxicated drinkers and how to avoid doing so through the voluntary State of Missouri Alcohol Responsibility Training online program.

Building bond issue floated

There’s a good chance Boone County voters will see a proposed bond issue and sales tax increase on their April 4 ballots. The measures would pay for an expansion of the county courthouse and other building projects.

MU gets defense funding

The Center for Geospatial Intelligence at MU will receive $1.75 million in next year’s defense appropriations bill, according to a recent announcement by Sen. Kit Bond, R-Mo.

Wabash Station to add art

Jason Brock takes the bus every day from Wabash Station to Paris Road to cut his walk to work to only a mile and a half. He said the last thing he thinks about is art, but that is exactly what the 95-year-old Wabash Station is about to get.

Revving up stories

The bottom of the door to Homer’s Auto Repairs scrapes against the cold, concrete floor. In the window of the door, next to the “Open” sign, swings the declaration: “Out for Parts,” barely kept stable by aging duct tape and paper clips.

Mizzou can make declaration at Independence

The last time Missouri beat a Southeastern Conference team in football, a young coach named Gary Pinkel had just been promoted to offensive coordinator at Washington, the Cold War was reaching its climax and Brad Smith was still in diapers.

Bond leads MU to ninth-straight

The Missouri women’s basketball had three major milestones Thursday night.

Smith leads Tigers to comeback win in bowl

SHREVEPORT, La. -- One last time, Missouri was able to count on Brad Smith. And, yet another time, the greatest offensive producer the school has ever seen came through.

Independence Bowl text messages

Subscribers to the Mobile Missourian's sports results text messaging service received these dispatches throughout the game:

Missouri makes it two in a row

For the first time this season Missouri’s basketball team is two games above .500.