Closing the book on the Greenspan era

WASHINGTON — The legendary Alan Greenspan is stepping down today as chairman of the Federal Reserve at a particularly dicey time for the nation’s apparently robust economy.

Partisan bills tackle emergency birth control

Four bills filed in the General Assembly have thrust Missouri into the national debate about whether pharmacists have the right to refuse to fill certain prescriptions, primarily emergency contraception known as Plan B, or the morning-after pill.

State regulators want AmerenUE to disclose plans

Missouri regulators have sided with a pair of state agencies and an environmental coalition that want utility company AmerenUE to more fully disclose its long-range plans.

Commission plans to ask city to join global warming reduction

Emission reduction methods, clean energy sources, land-use policies that reduce sprawl and energy efficient transportation options. These are all goals of the U.S. Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement that challenges cities across the country to act on a local level to reduce global warming.

Dozens apply for job as assistant city manager

More than 81 people from inside and outside Columbia city government have applied to fill the assistant city manager position left vacant by the promotion of Bill Watkins to city manager.

Phone woes puzzle city officials

Trouble with the telephone service at two city government departments continues to puzzle officials who have been trying to solve the problem for more than a week.

College of Engineering to benefit from donation

MU alumnus Paul Shumaker and his wife, Dianne, have given $1 million to the College of Engineering’s bioinformatics program for research, scholarships and a lecture series.

Firefighter to face gun charge

A fire department lieutenant was scheduled for a preliminary hearing today in connection with an incident last October in which he is accused of holding a gun to his girlfriend’s head.

Third candidate runs for judge position

A third candidate entered the race Monday for associate circuit judge in the 13th Judicial Circuit.

Police recover 8 guns believed to have been stolen in December

Eight guns recovered Sunday were believed to have been stolen from homes in a series of burglaries southwest of Columbia in December, the Boone County Sheriff’s Department said.

Program eradicates marijuana plants

More than 10,000 cultivated marijuana plants and 4.5 million wild ones were eradicated in 2005 as part of a state program, according to a news release Monday from the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Five suspects held in custody after crash

Five suspects were in custody Monday following a car crash on Interstate 70 eastbound and the discovery of property in the vehicle that Columbia police said was stolen in several thefts in the city.

Woman, 24, killed in Fulton auto accident

A Fulton woman was killed Sunday afternoon when a vehicle traveling south on Route Z, near Route JJ, crossed the center line in Callaway County.

Hundreds honor Smith at services

The laughter of about 400 friends, firefighters and family members echoed throughout the Olivet Christian Church on Monday as they exchanged memories of Willis Smith, longtime Boone County Fire Protection District board member.

Bruins pass last year’s wins total

The Rock Bridge girls’ basketball players know they’ve improved this season. The numbers show it.

Mizzou’s Gardner on Wooden list

Thomas Gardner has improved this season. The John R. Wooden Award committee recognized it.

MU gymnasts climb to No. 7 in rankings

The Missouri gymnastics team has climbed to its highest ranking in program history.

Coretta Scott King dies at 78

ATLANTA — Coretta Scott King, who turned a life shattered by her husband’s assassination into one devoted to enshrining his legacy of human rights and equality, has died at the age of 78.

Despite Democrats' disapproval, Alito confirmed as 110th Supreme Court justice

WASHINGTON — Samuel Anthony Alito Jr. became the nation’s 110th Supreme Court justice today, confirmed with one of the most partisan victories in modern history after a fierce battle over the future direction of the high court.

The pursuit of beauty

A photograph of Nigel Kalton, taken when he was 8, seems to foretell his destiny. In it, his neatly combed hair frames protuberant ears, and round-rimmed glasses dwarf his face. His smile reveals two buckteeth. He wears a black blazer, striped tie and a stiff-collared white shirt. They are components of Nigel’s school uniform, but they make him look like he raided the closet of The Absent-Minded Professor.