The pursuit of beauty

A photograph of Nigel Kalton, taken when he was 8, seems to foretell his destiny. In it, his neatly combed hair frames protuberant ears, and round-rimmed glasses dwarf his face. His smile reveals two buckteeth. He wears a black blazer, striped tie and a stiff-collared white shirt. They are components of Nigel’s school uniform, but they make him look like he raided the closet of The Absent-Minded Professor.

Course to focus on financial ventures

MU graduate student Brian Adams has an idea for a business venture: He wants to grow biomass for biological refineries and power plants to create bioenergy.

The Hollywood touch

For the LaZebnik brothers, the reinvention of Stephens College is about more than career opportunities; it is about family.

Road hazard

When they were only 19, newlyweds Harold and Jane Foley bought a 3½-acre homestead and built their house at the top of a rocky bluff along Creasy Springs Road, a narrow dirt lane that snaked around and down their hill and across the springs at a wooden bridge.

MOHELA sale drawbacks are uncertain

JEFFERSON CITY — A generation ago, when a college education cost just a fraction of what it does today, students nonetheless faced a problem getting financial aid.

Two seek mayoral seat in Ashland

Ashland is certainly “Growing Beyond Tomorrow,” as its city motto states. In the last four years, Ashland’s population has nearly doubled, increasing from approximately 1,600 residents to 3,000 residents.

Community services in transition

Marie Glaze, chairwoman of the Office of Community Services’ Human Rights Commission, knows an era has ended. She began the commission’s Jan. 25 meeting by recognizing that.

Home-court advantage

Carlynn Savant knows what life on the road is like for any basketball player. The constant boos and trash-talk from unruly fans can sometimes be enough to affect anyone’s game.

Big 12 gets tight with OU’s big win

KANSAS CITY — Even without the newly crowned Miss America sitting courtside in her tiara, Oklahoma’s upset of No. 4 Texas would have been a thing of beauty.

Seahawks find few fans

DETROIT — The Seahawks were fortunate to arrive in Detroit one day ahead of the Steelers. It gave them an extra few hours to get used to seeing so much black and gold in the Super Bowl city.