Lofty expectations

DALLAS — As always, the expectations are high for the Texas Longhorns after they won their second national championship in four years. The preseason hype for Missouri is a new experience.

Excitement fades for Rock Bridge

The lights were dimmed for introductions, and a spotlight shown on the mat. The Rock Bridge wrestlers jogged into the gymnasium to the “Rocky” theme song for their final home meet of the season, only to be knocked out early in a 37-28 loss to talented Moberly.

Texas Tech’s Davis in Tigers’ game plan

When Missouri women’s basketballcoach Cindy Stein said her team spent its practice time working on new wrinkles to add to its game plan Saturday against Texas Tech, one wrinkle stuck out when she was asked how to stop Texas Tech forward LaToya Davis.

Huskers a good fit for Walker’s style

When it came to recruiting Kansas City prep star Marcus Walker, Nebraska had an ace in the hole.

Tiger gymnasts head to hostile Lincoln for NU rematch

Sitting at No. 10 in the national rankings, Missouri might technically be considered the favorite heading into Sunday’s meet at Big 12 Conference rival Nebraska, which is ranked No. 12.

Bomb threat on MU campus

Two bomb threats Friday afternoon on the MU campus interrupted the close of the week for students and staff.

Policeman injured in high speed chase

A man being pursued by the Missouri State Highway Patrol and a deputy from the Boone County Sheriff’s Department were injured in a high- speed car chase Friday afternoon on Highway 63.

Nobel scientist brings 'green chemistry' insights to MU

Swing a baseball bat, and there is a chance that you are rooting for Robert Grubbs. Research by Grubbs, who won the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 2005, has help create a type of liquid plastic used to strengthen the ash wood in baseball bats.

In the red

Speeding through intersections to beat the red light could become a bad habit of the past for Columbia residents.

MOHELA sale takes shape

Gov. Matt Blunt is expected to unveil a proposal this morning that would change the future for Missouri students and their higher education loans.

MU team hopeful for cancer detector

Development of a less invasive method of detecting breast cancer also marks the first significant investment by a venture company in an MU start-up company.

Students see progress in Rice’s visa plan

The United States is taking a step toward welcoming foreign students to its shores, proposing a time frame change for those applying for a student visa.

Grant provides heart patients with pillows

After open-heart surgery, patients often fear taking deep breaths. It hurts to cough, said Cheryl Eady, director of cardiovascular care units at Boone Hospital Center, and they might fear that the incision in their chests will break open. But by hugging a special pillow to their chests, patients can breath deeply, cough and ease their fears.

MU joins other colleges to test ITunes U service

MU students walking around with headphones in their ears might not be tuned to their favorite songs; they might be doing their homework.

Getting the point

Robbie Carter, 11, had seen people fencing, but he had little idea about what the sport entailed beyond what he’d seen on TV or in movies.

Missouri boasts of its beef in Asia

Talk about bad timing. Less than a week after Japan banned all U.S. beef imports, a delegation headed by Missouri’s top agricultural official arrived in Tokyo on Wednesday night on a previously arranged mission to promote the state’s beef.

Proposals double amount for Bright Flight winners

By the end of this legislative session, Missouri high school students may have a new reason to try harder on their college entrance exams.

Hundreds urge legislators to limit eminent domain

JEFFERSON CITY — Hundreds of people rallied at the Capitol on Wednesday, demanding lawmakers make it harder to take private property through condemnation for redevelopment by others.

Columbians discuss democracy

Columbia will be one of five cities whose residents have a voice in a documentary film produced by the National Issues Forum that will appear on PBS television.

Trustees win by default

With no election to campaign for, two members of the Boone Hospital Center board of trustees have extra time to focus on hospital space needs, completion of new facilities on the hospital’s south campus and the planning of an intergenerational day care.