A peaceful transformation

Last November, Jamie Walters was arrested for trespassing onto the property of a controversial Army training school at Fort Benning, Ga. He faced up to six months in prison and $5,000 in fines at his sentencing last week.

Council to discuss change in pot laws

After months of debate, the marijuana ordinance passed by Columbia voters in November 2004 may soon be changed. Proposed changes to the law will be introduced at tonight’s City Council meeting.

Lay chair at MU vacant as Enron trial proceeds

Kenneth Lay sat in a Houston courtroom last week fighting to convince jurors he did nothing criminal as his once-admired company devolved into a symbol of corporate mismanagement and unchecked greed. Hundreds of miles to the north, an endowed economics chair at MU bearing the name of the former Enron chairman and CEO continues to sit empty years after its creation.

Tanfastic employee bound, robbed of purse

Columbia police are searching for a man who robbed a tanning salon overlooking Interstate 70 on Sunday afternoon.

Lending a hand

MU freshman Nate Kennedy spent the last weekend in January clearing out furniture and other belongings from houses in flood-damaged New Orleans. Most of it had to be thrown out because it was covered in mold.

Center on conflict, media, law established

The School of Law and the School of Journalism have established a Center for the Study of Conflict, Law and the Media at MU.

UM policy targets conflicts of interest

In the January meeting of the UM System Board of Curators, a resolution was passed requiring all curators to report any conflicts of interest or business involvements with the UM System by May 15. The information will be reviewed at the curators’ May meeting.

Class to teach at-risk youth about respect

A new mentoring program aims to teach at-risk teenagers in Columbia about respect.

A charitable pregame

As morning sunlight filtered through 100-year-old stained glass windows, the Rev. Amy Kay Pavlovich and about 20 children gathered at the front of Columbia’s First Christian Church to pray over grocery bags full of donated food.

Public Works to allot $700,000 for Boone roads

The Public Works Department is scheduled to recommend allotting nearly $700,000 for road projects in 11 Boone County cities Tuesday.

Askren’s milestone highlights MU’s first Big 12 win

The Missouri wrestling team’s regular season attendance record at Hearnes Center wasn’t the only record set on Sunday.

Oklahoma rolls to solid advantage in standings

All things considered, everyone else is playing for second place now.

Big plays propel Pittsburgh

DETROIT — Paint this Super Bowl black and gold. With a whole lot of satisfaction for Bill Cowher and his Pittsburgh Steelers.