Restoring the Tiger

The entrance to the Tiger Hotel, which is now shrouded in plywood and plastic, will soon be unveiled. In early March, workers will install a new revolving door, reminiscent of the Tiger’s original decor. Two neon Tiger signs, miniatures of the trademark Tiger sign on the building’s roof, grace the hotel’s portico.

Sources conflict on Snyder’s exit

Sunday was expected to bring a sense of resolution to the four-day saga surrounding recently departed MU basketball coach Quin Snyder. But by the end of the day, little new light had been shed on the state or the future of the MU basketball program.

Sadness, anger still linger over Islam cartoons

For more than five months, newspapers worldwide have printed cartoons depicting the founder of Islam, Muhammad, conversing with terrorists and wearing explosives. These cartoons have infuriated Muslims and sparked global protest. While tensions slowly ease, the offensive images continue to impact Muslims in Columbia.

Loosen patient privacy rules, say police

When Missouri health care providers were required to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act in 2003, they were forced to act conservatively when disclosing patient health information to law enforcement.

A search for cure

In the late 1980s, Rosalynn Manor got her first taste of engineering in her family’s garage in Austin, Texas, holding tools while her father rebuilt a 1964 Chevy Nova.

Reviving smart conversation

Back in the 17th and 18th centuries, salons were places where people who appreciated humanities and fine arts could meet to talk in an intimate setting. It is that setting that MU’s Center for Arts and Humanities is trying to revive with its Winter 2006 Salon Series.

Program teaches American lifestyle

Through Friday, 19 Korean students from Chonnam National University and Seoul National University of Technology are on campus and in community internships as part of MU’s English Proficiency and Internship program.

Stephens goes global

The Association of American Colleges and Universities has added Stephens College to its list of 16 selected participant schools in a nationwide effort to make college curriculum reflect a more global view.

Columbia College adds campus

With the opening March 27 of a military campus at Fort Drum near Watertown, N.Y., Columbia College will have 30 campuses.

School board to get first look at long-term budget proposals

More than $25 million in reserve funds could be depleted by 2009, according to a budget projection prepared by the Columbia Public School District. The current budget and projections will be presented to the Columbia School Board by Superintendent Phyllis Chase tonight.

Charity born out of family crisis

Jim Edwards is a barber — a smart, 59-year-old businessman who cuts the hair of a lot of other smart businessmen.

Tigers get win one for Watkins

It was just a splattering of Mizzou Arena that first rose to cheer Missouri on defense.

Century team offers pleasant distraction

For a few moments during the Mizzou All-Century team celebration at halftime, the focus wasn’t on former coach Quin Snyder and the team he left behind, at least not entirely anyway.

Kewpies pair true teammates

Familiarity doesn’t always breed contempt.

Blunt wants Missouri to oversee federally controlled dams

ST. LOUIS (AP)- Gov. Matt Blunt proposed new rules Monday that would give Missouri authority over federally regulated dams like the Taum Sauk reservoir, which collapsed in December.