Loopholes seen in Missouri meth law

Restricting sales of the key ingredient in methamphetamine — pseudoephedrine — brought a decline in lab busts last year. But law enforcement and government officials say there are loopholes in the law.

Puppy love

Outside of Candlelight Lodge Residential Care Facility in Columbia, 10-year-old Luke lies down on his stomach in the back of a small sport utility vehicle. He’s very calm until his friend Maia pulls up in a small coupe. As soon as the two see each other, Maia tries to leap into the SUV to join her friend. Both tails swish uncontrollably.

Estimates of bridge expense at odds

Retrofitting the old Boonville railroad bridge for pedestrian use could cost from $1 million to more than

Pick a plaid

One afternoon this month, MU senior Annie Williams walked around campus seeking inspiration for the “Tiger Tartan” project. Remembering her first walk through the MU Columns as a freshman during Tiger Walk and looking ahead to her final walk through the Columns at Senior Send-Off, Williams thought about MU traditions.

Institute to focus on female filmmakers

Hollywood is a tough town. It can make you a star or leave you jaded. And this is even more true for women who are in an industry dominated by men.

Culture for kids

Charmagne Thompson, education assistant at MU’s Museum of Anthropology, handed out a sealed plastic bag containing a string of stone beads, used hundreds of years ago, probably by the Mayans who lived in Mexico.

Park cleanup project extended

Columbia residents may have to put up with the smell of oil coming from what will eventually be an extension of Flat Branch Park for a while longer.

Sustainable living to be focus of class series

You don’t have to be a farmer to be smart about your land. Through an introductory course, people can learn about the benefits of permaculture.

Keeping Kewpies up serious business

Head coach Jim Sutherland stood in front of the Hickman boys’ basketball team in a hallway outside its home gym, berating his players like a teacher would an unruly group of third graders.

All-Comers meet a big draw

At 8:30 a.m. Saturday morning, it was 2 degrees outside.

Johnson wins, Edwards crashes

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — Cheater or champion? Such is the stigma that Jimmie Johnson has to bear after winning his first Daytona 500 just 10 days after his crew chief was kicked out for illegally altering his car.

Floyd Responds to Curators

University of Missouri System President Elson Floyd announced today that he has asked two “distinguished Missourians” to conduct a review of the circumstances surrounding the departure of former Missouri men’s basketball coach Quin Snyder.