Tigers ready for elite Texas lefty

Missouri outfielder Micaela Minner isn’t impressed with Texas starting pitcher Cat Osterman.

Event to show how to design a rain garden

As more roofs go up and paved surfaces go down, functional landscaping is emerging as an organic alternative to conventional storm-water control methods.

Hallsville to expand new primary school building

For the second year in a row, a school bond issue won voter approval in Hallsville.

Ashland secures school funds

The school bond issue on the ballots of Southern Boone County R-1 School District voters read like a beginner’s guide to verbs: “acquiring, constructing, improving, extending, repairing, remodeling, renovating, furnishing and equipping ...”

Harrisburg High School to cut commute

A $1.4 million bond issue approved in Tuesday’s election will bulk up Harrisburg High School and mean that fewer students will have to go back and forth between the school’s north and south campuses.

Self-defense bill fights way through House

JEFFERSON CITY — Four out of five legislators who represent Boone County voted for a bill Thursday that supporters say will shield people who use deadly force in self-defense from prosecution.

For reporter, permaculture establishes common bonds

Missourian reporter Alyssa Appelman participated in a six-week permaculture class sponsored by the Peace Nook in February and March. This is a first-person reflection on her experience.

Rocky road delays development

A debate about the fitness of the planned Westbrook subdivision to be built along Howard Orchard Road followed a similar story arc Monday night before the Planning and Zoning Commission: It was tabled.

What is Mo News?

Missourian general assignment reporters are experimenting with a new reporting style for the next two weeks. The project takes local stories and frames them with the intention that they will be easy-to-read, user friendly and entertaining. This is achieved using undefined creative writing and design formats.

Kemper Quiz: professors get awards, you still answer questions

Since professors are so fond of quizzes, throwing one back at them is the best way to wrap up one of MU’s most prestigious teaching awards. So, test your knowledge on what you know about the William T. Kemper Fellowship for Teaching Excellence and see where you stand.

WNBA takes two Tigers

LaToya Bond’s computer picked a heck of a time to crash.

Children prescribed diabetes drugs double

ST. LOUIS — The number of children ages 5 to 19 taking prescription drugs used to treat or prevent Type 2 diabetes has doubled in the past four years, according to a study released Wednesday by one of the nation’s largest pharmacy management companies.

Deadly force bill progresses to final House vote

JEFFERSON CITY — The House endorsed legislation Wednesday expanding the right of Missourians to use deadly force against anyone trying to unlawfully enter their homes or vehicles.

Commerce Bank to buy Boone National

Missouri-based Commerce Bank announced Wednesday its recent acquisition of the century-old Boone National Savings and Loan Association. The deal is expected to be finalized in mid-July and will see Commerce absorbing all of Boone National’s banking services and assets.

Airport dropping fees for parking

Visitors on their way out of Columbia Regional Airport on Wednesday afternoon had to dig for exact change because no one was on duty to collect their parking fees. Those fees will be history in less than a week.

Missouri will retain Watkins

Dejection apparent on his face and wholly unsure of his future, Melvin Watkins steadily vowed to continue working for the Missouri basketball team immediately following an end-of-the-season defeat in the Big 12 Conference tournament.

Molina’s single wins it for Cards

PHILADELPHIA ­— While Jimmy Rollins stretched his hitting streak to 38 games, the Philadelphia Phillies remained winless.

Rock Bridge loses 1-0 in weather-shortened game

The Rock Bridge girls’ soccer team is running out of chances to finish a full home game this season.

Bruins look to extend home win streak against Hickman

There’s home court advantage and then there’s home court advantage.

City engineer’s prior work declared OK

City Manager Bill Watkins has ruled that prior work done in the capacity as a consultant by the city’s current chief engineer, David Nichols, does not pose a conflict of interest.