Sister city wants to strengthen ties

After 15 years, two sisters want a closer relationship.

Facts about PedNet

Here’s another reason to get out of your car...

Discovery Ridge plan presented to city council

The master plan for Discovery Ridge, the research park to be constructed at MU’s South Farms, was presented to Columbia’s City Council for comment Monday night. By state law, this project is not subject to city zoning rules or regulations.

Students scarce at polling places

Election officials at a municipal polling place in Memorial Union, at the heart of the MU campus, said they had not seen a single student voter as of midafternoon Tuesday.

Hitting back at hail damage

Ashley Bishop’s corner of the Maaco garage is filled with hundreds of tools — tools for pushing, pulling and carefully tapping dents out of cars. He and his team of four travel the United States looking for their next job. They found good business in Columbia after a series of storms that hit March 11-12.

Severe thunderstorms, tornadoes miss county

Workers at the 911 Joint Communications Center were on high alert Sunday afternoon as they braced for severe weather to hit central Missouri, but the worst of the storms bypassed Boone County.

3 arrested in Columbia slaying

Columbia police arrested three men over the weekend in connection with the slaying of a 34-year-old Columbia man who was found dead Wednesday.

Model for the future

While construction for the new Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute continues on the northeast side of MU’s Francis Quadrangle, the institute’s projects are under way.

Law School program aids abuse victims

Among the many points on the MU campus where student learning intersects with real-world experience is the Family Violence Clinic at the School of Law. There, law students can work at the clinic for credit while helping victims of domestic violence navigate the legal system and get their lives back on a safe track.

Blunt plans to back out of lease on building

JEFFERSON CITY — When a resident or business breaks a lease on a building, it usually comes at a cost — such as the loss of a deposit, or the continued payment of rent until a new tenant is found.

Write-off aims to help military families in need

Military families facing financial hardships will have a new benefactor this year — charitable Missouri taxpayers.

Contra fever

Soft shoe leather slaps the floor, hands clasp for an instant and, like a well-oiled machine, the line of dancers spin to the old-time music.

Frustrated Missouri drops fourth straight

Minutes after her team lost 11-1 to Baylor in five innings Sunday at University Field, Missouri assistant coach Autumn Eastes lingered in the dugout mulling the Tigers’ fourth straight defeat. Before entering the team room to meet with her players, Eastes stood on the top step and leaned on the railing in front of the bench, occasionally closing her eyes or shuffling the dirt around her feet.

Alford says he never talked to MU

INDIANAPOLIS — After speculation he might leave Iowa to coach Missouri or Indiana, Steve Alford said he has never talked to either school.

Extra Points

Hunched over after her match, Erika Josbena could not contain the tears. With her elbows on her knees and head buried in her hands, she stayed courtside after everyone else had left. When her face finally reemerged, it was bright red. It wasn’t from embarrassment, but because she had just lost a heartbreaking three-set tiebreak that lasted more than three hours.

Breaking down the ballot

Municipal elections rarely, if ever, gather attention similar to the national elections. That fact is reflected again this year as several positions for town government roles have no candidates.

Columbia City Council: Second Ward

Second Ward voters on Tuesday will choose either 15-year Columbia City Council incumbent Chris Janku or his challenger, Brian Toohey, to guide their ward through inevitable growth and increased commercial development.

Columbia City Council: Sixth Ward

Sixth Ward residents, who have experienced first-hand the buzz words “growth” and “development,” will have a choice between Valerie Barnes and Barbara Hoppe in a City Council race that pits a Realtor and developer, Barnes, against a lawyer and environmental activist, Hoppe.

Boone County Fire Protection District Board Member

The race to replace longtime Boone County Fire Protection District Board member Myrtle Rapp is being seen as a competition for control over the board, which one candidate said has been far too influenced by Fire Chief Steve Paulsell.

Columbia School Board: Two Open Seats

Steve Calloway has been involved in community groups focused on education within the Columbia Public School District since his children were enrolled in it. Calloway said he knows how the system works and is now running for a spot on the school board.