Breaking down the ballot

Municipal elections rarely, if ever, gather attention similar to the national elections. That fact is reflected again this year as several positions for town government roles have no candidates.

Columbia City Council: Second Ward

Second Ward voters on Tuesday will choose either 15-year Columbia City Council incumbent Chris Janku or his challenger, Brian Toohey, to guide their ward through inevitable growth and increased commercial development.

Columbia City Council: Sixth Ward

Sixth Ward residents, who have experienced first-hand the buzz words “growth” and “development,” will have a choice between Valerie Barnes and Barbara Hoppe in a City Council race that pits a Realtor and developer, Barnes, against a lawyer and environmental activist, Hoppe.

Columbia School Board: Two Open Seats

Steve Calloway has been involved in community groups focused on education within the Columbia Public School District since his children were enrolled in it. Calloway said he knows how the system works and is now running for a spot on the school board.

A roundup of issues and candidates

Fire Protection District expansion Referendum

An important issue on the ballot for the Boone County Fire Protection District is the referendum to expand its three-member board to five members.

Capital Improvement Sales Tax Increase

A proposed one-fifth-cent sales tax increase for Boone County would generate about $14 million over three years to pay for expanding and renovating the courthouse and completing work on other county-owned buildings downtown.

Ballot roundup

Here’s a look at all the town council and school board races, along with other issues, that will appear on Boone County ballots on Tuesday.

Emergency office calls public hearing on sirens

Columbia will hold a public hearing on the replacement and relocation schedule of emergency outdoor warning sirens at 7 p.m. Monday in the Council Chamber of the Daniel Boone City Building, 701 E. Broadway, according to a news release by the Columbia/Boone County Office of Emergency Management.

Two men held in homicide investigation

Two men Columbia police Capt. Brad Nelson described as “persons of interest” in the Carlos Kelly homicide investigation were still being held late Saturday afternoon, although they had not been charged in connection with the crime.

Woman robbed in Cosmo Park

A 19-year-old Columbia woman told police she was robbed around 8 p.m. Friday at Cosmo Park by a man who appeared to have a gun, according to a Columbia police news release.

Pulling their weight

The gentle rumble of a John Deere engine, the glisten of polished metal in the morning sun and the earthy smell of diesel. This was the scene of the National Antique Tractor Pullers Association Championship at the Boone County Fairgrounds on Saturday.

Man sentenced in van accident case

JEFFERSON CITY — A Guatemalan man who was a passenger in the van that crashed on Interstate 70 in June, killing five illegal immigrants, was sentenced Friday to four years and three months in federal prison.

Mandatory jail time proposed for sex offenders

JEFFERSON CITY — Legislators in Missouri and throughout the nation have pushed to keep sex offenders locked away longer through mandatory minimum sentences, but some prosecutors say that broad minimums will result in more offenders on the streets.

BOONE LIFE: Dirty Dogs Done Dirt Cheap

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Boone County Fire Protection District Board Member

The race to replace longtime Boone County Fire Protection District Board member Myrtle Rapp is being seen as a competition for control over the board, which one candidate said has been far too influenced by Fire Chief Steve Paulsell.