Council OKs wine sales at Art in the Park

Mayor Darwin Hindman persuaded the City Council to approve the Columbia Art League’s request to sell wine at the Art in the Park annual event despite opposition from police and park officials.

Road-weary Royals lose fifth straight

DETROIT — The Detroit Tigers know they have played two struggling teams this week. They also know that, for the first time in years, they were able to take advantage of it.

Tigers defeat Bears by taking early lead

Missouri beat Missouri State 2-1 on Tuesday. Senior pitcher Travis Wendte took the win and senior outfielder Zane Taylor led MU with two hits and one RBI.

It's in Columbia, it's on eBay

So you’ve got this once-adored Mickey figurine that is now sitting on your shelf, collecting a whole lot of dust. You want to trash it? Think again.

Buy your own town on eBay

HEAR YE, HEAR YE, small town for sale in California.

Immigrant boycott resonates across U.S.

SEDALIA — Dressed in white to symbolize their peaceful message, about 500 people — mostly Hispanic immigrants from Sedalia and Marshall — marched from the state fairgrounds to the Pettis County courthouse Monday to protest a bill in Congress that would build a wall between the United States and Mexico.

Mother sends breast milk donation to South Africa

A large donation was made last week by 28-year-old Jill Youse, of Columbia, to a bank in South Africa. The donation wasn’t cash or a check, but about 1,000 ounces of breast milk. Youse made the donation to a milk bank in Durban, South Africa, as part of a nonprofit program that she started to provide breast milk to orphans with HIV/AIDS.

New Graduate School dean appointed

Pam Benoit remembers graduate school as a wonderful experience. Her fond memories are part of the reason she is looking forward to her new position as dean of the MU Graduate School.

Three improving after accidents

Three people were recovering Monday afternoon from injuries suffered in two separate accidents involving tractor-trailers on Interstate 70 last week.

15-year-old arrested on firearms charges

A Columbia teenager was arrested early Monday morning in the northeast part of town when he tried to evade police and was found in possession of a loaded handgun, according to Columbia police.

Two-wheeled gas solution

Soaring prices at the pumps may be a bellyache for many, but not for motorcycle mechanic and service-center owner Mark C. Autenrieth.

Pizza man flees after robbery threat

A pizza delivery man didn’t have any money to give two robbers who confronted him early Monday morning, so he dropped his pizzas, got in his car and drove away, Columbia police said.

Fire chief: Embers to blame for fire

Investigators said that embers from a barbecue grill were the cause of a fire on Friday that caused $150,000 in damage to a southwest Columbia home.

Fulton firefighter dies at 51

A Fulton firefighter died Sunday afternoon at the scene of an automobile accident.

Redefining 'soccer mom'

Sprinting off the field, pulling on their shin guards, they reach for their bottles of Gatorade and huddle together to discuss strategy for the next play. Their teal and pink shirts are spotted with sweat, and they glance anxiously over to the bleachers — not worried about the crowd, but about their children, who are playing nearby.

Hollywood’s lackluster

The surge in affordable state-of-the-art home theater systems, online DVD rental companies and plenty of other public entertainment are among factors keeping Americans out of the cinemas.


Tucked away a mile outside the traffic of Broadway is El Chaparral subdivision, a neighborhood that is ever-evolving.

Alternatives to eBay

What’s better than getting something for really cheap? How about getting it free?

Chick digs quality pitching

A red crate half-full of baseballs sits in the bullpen.

Year later, Kewpies bring back old coach

Hickman hired a familiar face to fill its girls’ basketball coaching vacancy.