Band of brothers

Under pressure and bright lights and in front of a cheering crowd, the Madison Scouts Drum and Bugle Corps performed their 10 and a half minute routine on Faurot Field on Saturday night.

Outdoor class grant gives students breath of fresh air

Students at New Haven and Sturgeon R-V elementary schools will head outdoors this fall for class.

Bill increases funds for higher education

Gov. Matt Blunt on Friday authorized a bill that appropriates $876.7 million to Missouri’s higher education institutions for fiscal year 2007, a 2.3 percent increase, up from $856.7 million for the current year.

Council looks at Columbia’s looks

EXCELSIOR SPRINGS — The streets of Columbia could become much more inviting.

Mock jury class helps impart real lessons

It takes a summons to get most people to show up for jury duty, but 30 Columbia residents volunteered their Saturday afternoons to serve as jurors.

Man arrested after car chase ends in crash

Columbia police arrested a Columbia man Friday after the car he was driving collided with a tree and a porch, ending a five-block car chase.

caught in the middle

Sixteen years ago, Becky Llorens needed help. She was toiling through medical school while her husband, Nick, was logging long hours as a doctor in private practice. Then Becky gave birth to their first child, Amelia. The load was just too much.

Joining the family

ST. LOUIS – Mike Anderson walks inside the Edward Jones corporate office building surrounded by fanfare the way a man enters a reception hall after his wedding.


Missouri postcollegian Fiona Asigbee finished third in the the women’s heptathlon at the USA Track & Field Championships in Indianapolis for the second-consecutive year.

Senior athlete takes beating but beats odds

It was 1950-something. Truman was in office, and a young boy walks down the street in St. Louis. The sirens are blasting and families made for their basements and shelters. The boy knew it was just another McCarthy-era air raid drill. He had other things on his mind.

Not your usual triathlon

With the warm morning sun beating down on them, the young triathletes shuffled their bare feet and eagerly waited to take a wet ride down the starting place, a winding water slide that jetted them into the water and the first event in the triathlon.

Skateboarders enjoy their day

Skateboarding has an official holiday. In 2004, the International Association of Skateboard Companies set June 21 as a day for skateboarders to skip their obligations, go skateboarding and have fun. Mid-Missouri skateboard guru Shane Stander pushed the annual holiday to the weekend for Columbia this year.

Senior living

Jose Cesteros, 74, sits on the bench next to the pole vault pit, watching mostly younger athletes in front of him take their practice vaults. He doesn’t take a turn, choosing to save his energy for the turns that count.