MU to offer program on forest care

Hank Stelzer, a forester with MU Extension, offers this analogy when trying to explain why it’s important to manage forested land:

City bus service adds benches and shelters

During a week like this one, when temperatures topped 100 degrees, Columbia Transit passengers will have more places to take respite from the heat with eight new benches, two relocated ones and seven new bus shelters Columbia Transit has installed since May.

County firefighters heading to Minnesota to fight wildfires

Two firefighters with the Boone County Fire Protection District will head to northern Minnesota on Thursday to join a team deploying from Rolla to fight the Cavity Lake wildfire.

White Sox stop Royals

KANSAS CITY — Joe Crede went 4-for-5 with a homer and singled in the go-ahead run in a three-run 10th inning Tuesday night, sending the Chicago White Sox to a 7-5 victory over the Kansas City Royals.

Building the force of tomorrow

It starts with Erik Estrada in “CHiPs”, and Kent McCord in “Adam-12.” It’s there when DARE Officers go to a fifth-grade class. It’s that feeling most of us have had growing up that, for some, never goes away. For Sgt. Eric White and Officer Chris Kelley of the Columbia Police Department, their profession is a childhood dream come true.

Foes rally against stem cell initiative

JEFFERSON CITY — Mixing religious fervor with scientific skepticism, opponents of a proposed constitutional amendment to protect embryonic stem cell research gathered Monday for the first in a series of rallies across the state.

Connection fee draws questions

A proposed one-time $250 connection fee for new electricity customers has some community activists wanting to know who will pay the bill.

Revenue helps look after the land

Parks-and-soil tax?

Packing up the festivities

Between pageants, tractor pulls, carnival rides and animal shows the Boone County Fair had something for everyone.

Accrediting agency to evaluate MU police

An international accrediting commission will moderate a public forum next week on the performance of the MU Police Department.

City seeks downtown revitalization aid

Columbia took another step Monday toward a more lively downtown when it submitted its application for assistance from Gov. Matt Blunt’s Downtown Revitalization Economic Assistance for Missouri Initiative.

Truck downs electrical lines

A food delivery truck pulled down power lines along Scott Boulevard on Monday, leaving over 900 Boone Electric Cooperative customers without power for more than an hour and closing part of the road for three hours while service lines were rerouted.

Triple-digit misery spans state and nation

ST. LOUIS — Johnny Stimage wasn’t going to let the heat keep him away from his first look at the St. Louis Rams this season.

Minister accused of sexual abuse

A minister who used to serve in Columbia was arrested Monday on suspicion of sexually abusing a 15-year-old worshipper.

Long-distance contest floats student’s boat

On Wednesday, Katie Pfefferkorn, a fourth year MU student, will set out from Kansas City on what she said promises to be one of the biggest adventures of her life.

Extra Points

Tests show that some of the testosterone in Floyd Landis’ system at the Tour de France was synthetic and not naturally produced by his body as he claimed, according to a newspaper report.


ST. LOUIS — A four-day training camp holdout earned Tye Hill extra scrutiny on his first day of practice with the St. Louis Rams.