Leashing the wind

The wind-swept farm fields near King City don’t seem to be a likely place to find a miracle of 21st-century engineering. Cows graze behind barbed-wire fences. Ponds reflect the late-summer sky, and local history is on display at a living history festival just down the road.

A new sound of music

MU piano professor Janice Wenger’s affection for music from the era of Mozart and Haydn goes back to her college days. Soon she will be able to play her favorite music in a historically correct way.

Expression through illusion

Upon entering the Davis Art Gallery, the panes of glass mounted on stands and hanging from the wall seem transparent, as if you could see the entire exhibit by peering through a single pane.

At home among bees

The roar of thousands of bees fills the air at one of Chris Gibbons’ bee yards in Rocheport.

Task force proposes end to irritations

Proposed amendments to the city’s nuisance ordinances, the result of more than a year of work by the Nuisance Party and Property Task Force, would result in steep fines and other sanctions against tenants and landlords of properties deemed to be chronic nuisances.

Columbia art shows please the palette

Columbia was teeming with art this weekend.

A new moon rising

Ismail Hameduddin just moved to Columbia from Saudi Arabia to begin his freshman year at MU. Since his arrival, he has been adapting to a new culture, as well as to the demands of being a university student in the United States.

Still unbeaten

There’s a certain air of happiness surrounding Marcus Bacon that’s almost impossible to ignore. The same could be said for the calm personality and smoothness of Brian Smith.

At least for now, price of gas dips to under $2 per gallon

With more stability in the Middle East and the summer driving season behind us, gasoline prices have fallen more than 70 cents per gallon in Columbia over the past month.

Sign limit stirs reaction

Cool Stuff’s sign doesn’t measure up. Neither does the Missouri Theatre’s.

Belief in brief: Zoroastrianism

Predating Christianity and Islam, Zoroastrianism has existed for nearly 3,000 years and now faces a threatening decline in followers.

After 60-mph chase, Columbian arrested

A Columbia man was arrested in a Boone County soybean field Friday morning after he led Hallsville police on a 20-mile chase down county roads.

Fight fitness fatigue

Doing the same old workout day in and day out is not only a drag, but you also risk seeing a decline in results or skipping workouts entirely.

Consumers can fund wind farms through certificates

Renewable energy advocates are providing consumers with ways to lend their financial support to the cause.

Car chase ends with apparent suicide

A 38-year-old Columbia man is dead in what police called an apparent suicide after he led law enforcement officers on a 20-mile chase Friday.

Light bulb subsidy aimed at saving money, environment

From October through December, Columbia’s Water and Light Department will offer residents the opportunity to save money on their utility bills.

Balance isn’t just about numbers

I owe an apology to a reader who called last week to complain about the Missourian’s coverage of Hickman High School.

Tigers spike ‘Horns

Jessica Vander Kooi and Na Yang struggled to fight back tears.

Ryder Cup all but decided

All the Americans can hope for now is a repeat of Brookline, the greatest comeback in Ryder Cup history.

Flying under the radar

Smith’s performances against Nebraska in 2003 and 2005 are immortalized in poster-form at many bars in the city. Even though he used up his collegiate eligibility last season, Missouri football jerseys with his No. 16 are a common sight around town.