At peace among the dead

Most people wouldn't like to live on a cemetery. Mark Forney chose to make a cemetery his home. He is the general manager of Memorial Funeral Home and Memorial Park Cemetery in Columbia. His responsibilities include keeping the grounds in order, comforting families, and preparing the deceased for burial.

Test how fit your knowledge about candy is

And now for a healthier Halloween quiz.

Halloween Events

Don’t miss the fun at this annual event! Tiger Night of Fun will feature games, treats and activities.

Kids Trick-or-treat for UNICEF

At St. Francis Xavier Elementary School in Taos, Mo., fifth-grade teacher Vicki Skahan turns Halloween into something more than just costumes and candy. For her students, Halloween signifies an opportunity to raise money for UNICEF.

$1.6 million lost on state inmates

Boone County lost an estimated $1.6 million last year housing state prisoners in its county jail.

Tobacco tax stirs impact debate

With a week left until the general election, the sides for and against the proposed tobacco tax increase are still in heated debate about what an amendment to the state constitution to achieve that goal would mean.

State examines use of schools for disabled

JEFFERSON CITY — A state study is under way to determine whether state schools for the severely handicapped provide the best use of state resources — an idea that’s worrying some families and advocates for the disabled.

Temple told to hold on

There’s no mistake on the Missouri depth chart. There, under running backs, in the second spot, Tony Temple’s name is listed. How it arrived there, though, depends on who you ask.

Injury sidelines another guard

Less than a week before the Missouri men’s basketball team is set to open its season, it lost yet another guard to a foot injury.

Auditor hopefuls focus back on issues

JEFFERSON CITY — Negative campaign tactics are typically reserved for the last few weeks of election season. But with a week until Election Day, Sandra Thomas and Susan Montee have cooled the attacks that started early in their campaigns.

In auditor race, others air atypical views

JEFFERSON CITY — Terry Bunker is 46 years old and running for state auditor this November. But he’s not a Democrat or Republican. He never has been. He said the fact that he’s been a Progressive Party member his whole life makes him the right choice for

Amendment would exempt veterans groups from tax

JEFFERSON CITY — Amendment 6 would add four words to Missouri’s Constitution: “or for veterans’ organizations.” The proposed amendment would exempt real and personal property used solely for the activities of veterans groups from property taxes.

Hastings uses scientific ‘forward thinking’

Bill Hastings enjoys walking, exercising at the Activity and Recreation Center, working on book projects and meeting at Lakota Coffee Co. on Sunday mornings with his friends.

Singing, not politics, is Hedrick’s priority

Steven Hedrick is no politician. A 25-year-old student at the University of Central Missouri, Hedrick said his true passion is music.

Hulshof balances life of father, farmer

A stack of photos sits on the counter in the Hulshofs’ dining room. Among them, only one will become the face of a Christmas card the family will send out to 4,000 people.

Fiscally focused Burghard spreads passion

Neil Burghard knows his son Duane is passionate, but even he was taken aback by a decision Duane made 15 years ago.

Cougars maintain conference tradition

For 18 years, conference opponents have not been able to topple the Columbia College volleyball team.

Farm issues divide 9th District

Sitting in the middle of America’s breadbasket, Missouri’s farmers often look to their politicians for help and representation concerning agricultural issues.

Co-facilitators named to city Vision group

Fifteen residents with diverse backgrounds, including an attorney and an author, will act as co-facilitators for Columbia’s Vision Committee.

Patriots brush aside Vikings

MINNEAPOLIS — Tom Brady beat Minnesota’s relentless rushing defense by simply throwing it over, over and over again.