Red-light cameras find acceptance in Missouri towns

A camera may be watching the next time you run a red light in Columbia.

'Bowling' for harmonies

A heavy brass bowl, as smooth to touch as it is to look at, sits on the middle of the floor in a Columbia recording studio. Peer inside and you’ll find it empty.

Circular Creativity

Round, spherical, rotund and curved defines some of the artwork on display at the Boone County Art Show on Sept. 23 and 24.

Forrest Rose remembered

Friends and family members remember Forrest Rose at a book and CD release party for "Forrest Rose: A Life in Words and Music"at Mojo's on Thursday, Sept. 28.

Offering a peek at history

Ana Lopez stores items for the Huntsdale Rendezvous & River Festival in her office at work. She stores stuff in her basement at home. She even carries boxes and signs around in her van.

‘Glimmers’ inspire author

For author Pam Houston, writing begins with a “glimmer” in the physical world. It could be the way the light falls through the trees, or a snippet of conversation from a couple passing by.

Keeping a balance (as best we can)

Dear Reader: Stay in my line of work for any length of time and you’ll pick up several sayings – some of them true. Newspaper people can meet deadlines but are always late to a party. A job perk is getting a pretty good obit when you die.

Swimming in surplus

Are there too many new home in Columbia? Real estate professional aren't sure. In the meantime, builders are re-examinging their straegies.

An energetic mission

On Saturday afternoon, the Unity Center of Columbia was filled with talk about how to make Columbia’s energy future a little bit brighter.

Legal issues challenge red-light cameras

Columbia will soon join the trend of more than 100 communities that use cameras to catch people who run red lights.

Interim dean looks to move veterinary medicine forward

Cecil Moore, chairman of MU’s veterinary medicine and surgery department, will become the interim dean of the MU College of Veterinary Medicine beginning Oct. 13.

Some say Twilight brings teens’ mischief

Thursday marked the final Twilight Festival of the year, and based on organizers’ early estimates, it was one of the most successful.

Police make seven arrests after searches for narcotics

Columbia police made seven arrests after serving two narcotics search warrants in two hours Friday afternoon.

Masters of manicure

NEW YORK — Hand-carved 3-D fruit, intricate snakeskin and tiny faces all painted on a fingernail.

They found a match in the Rev. Tom Nordberg

When members of Columbia United Church of Christ learned their pastor of nearly 30 years, Fred Brandbenburg, was moving on in 2004, they wondered how they would fill the void.

Belief in brief: Diwali

Diwali, Hinduism’s most important celebration, begins Oct. 19. The five-day “Festival of Lights” draws its name from the climax of the week, the third day of Diwali, which is Oct. 21.

Fabulous fifth

At the start of the second half Saturday, on the first offensive play, Colorado quarterback Bernard Jackson hit receiver Dusty Sprague for a 63-yard pass. Jackson punched it into the end zone on the next play, immediately draining the energy out of Memorial Stadium.

Guard shoots away slumps

Missouri guard Jason Horton knows the numbers. And shooting 34.6 percent from the floor simply isn’t good enough for a starting point guard. Horton knows that more than anyone.

Beat machine

After days of feeling dizzy, ill and having difficulty breathing, 23-year-old Lisa Britt was rushed to the emergency room. Her heart went into failure.

MU tight ends catch up with hype

When Martin Rucker dropped an uncontested touchdown pass from Missouri quarterback Chase Daniel last week, he took it personally.