Barnett returns to Faurot Field

For Gary Barnett, this week has the same feeling as years past.

Adults lacking health smarts, research says

WASHINGTON — Most adults can determine at what age their children should get vaccinated or discern from a label when to take medicines, but they still need help understanding many basic health instructions.

Wendy’s changes cooking oil after FDA urgings

Hungry from your shopping trip at Columbia Mall but don’t want to compromise your health by eating a burger at the food court? There’s some news for health conscious Columbians who want fast food. Wendy’s recently introduced healthier oils in its menu items, including french fries and breaded chicken items.

Spiezio’s hit brightens Cards’ playoff chances

Before Saturday, Scott Spiezio’s numbers as a pinch-hitter from the left side were just as futile as the St. Louis Cardinals’ record the last few weeks.

Stump the Sandalow

The pasta primavera I had before the show wasn’t sitting well. My tie felt tighter than it ever had. The lights on the set seemed brighter and hotter than before. If I didn’t get this right, I was screwed, and I knew it.

Kewpie's defense shows well

By looking at the scoreboard in Hickman’s 44-6 loss to No. 3 Rockhurst Friday night, it is impossible to see how well the Kewpie defense played.

Looking for first conference win

The Missouri soccer team will attempt to win its first conference game of the season when they take on the Baylor Bears.

Rael Rotich leads Columbia College volleyball

After playing sparingly for the majority of the 2005 Columbia College volleyball season, Rael Rotich is making the most of her starting role in 2006.

Battle on the tennis court

Bethel Park is awfully quiet this Saturday morning. No barking dogs, no laughing children. The only sound audible, save for the distant whirring of twin jet engines overhead, is the soft pop of yellow fuzz on tightened string.

Lives behind Rock Bridge football

Rock Bridge running back Scott Concannon was feeling well enough on Saturday morning to eat a hearty breakfast with seven of his teammates. He devoured his pancakes, hash browns and toast like they were Jefferson City defenders.

Yom Kippur draws a large crowd

Beginning at sundown tonight, Jews around the world will begin reflecting on the nature of their sins and seeking redemption. Yom Kippur, the “day of atonement,” will last 25 hours, during which time Jews are expected to refrain from eating, drinking, working, wearing makeup or engaging in sexual activities.

Dumpling Festival helps connect cultures

It’s not the kind of competition you usually see in Columbia: Mayor Darwin Hindman and MU women’s volleyball coach Wayne Kreklow racing to transfer steamed dumplings from one plate to another using chopsticks.

Commentary: The rest of the story — facts first

For 98 years, the Columbia Daily Tribune has competed fiercely but fairly against its crosstown rival, the Columbia Missourian, the one-of-a-kind community newspaper that serves as a training and research laboratory for the Missouri School of Journalism.