The inside track

About a month ago, I was searching for a final photo story for a photojournalism class in MU’s School of Journalism. I’m a senior, and the photo story is the most important project because it shows everything we’ve learned so far — not just in class but also in work we do outside of class.

Part of harmony

Maybe you learned about instruments in music class in elementary school. Or by watching Disney’s “Fantasia” — remember “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” Mickey Mouse and his army of brooms or the hippos in tutus and toe shoes in “Dance of the Hours”?

Helping Ramona Rebuild

An unconventional construction crew recently took advantage of the fall weather to re-side an old garage in a front yard in Sturgeon.

History of the orchestra

The modern orchestra has its beginnings in the courts of the Renaissance when groups of instruments were used as accompaniment for vocalists and dancers.

Serious about celluloid

Warehouse Theatre hasn’t seen anything quite like it before.

Missouri’s Mormon past

If it wasn’t for the Mormon War of the late-1830s, Missouri, and not Utah, would probably be the Mormon capital of the world.

Belief in brief: All Saints Day

The Roman Catholic Church will recognize more than 10,000 holy people who have contributed to the church in numerous ways on Nov. 1, All Saints Day.

Morality of a ‘morning-after pill’

Darran Alberty has no objections to selling Plan B emergency contraceptives at his pharmacy. Why? He says it’s simple. Plan B is a medicine. He’s a pharmacist.

Peace group joins S. Korean protest

Seungkwon You remembers growing up watching American soldiers driving their trucks around his home city of Pyongtaek in South Korea. The soldiers were stationed at Camp Humphreys, one of about a dozen American military bases in the country.

Demystifying Missouri’s high court

Rueben Stern is the managing editor of the Columbia Missourian. Dear Reader: News reports tend to portray an entity like the state Supreme Court as a monolithic abstraction that hands down decrees from somewhere on high.

Searching for the ‘real’ Carl

When Harlequin, a publishing company that specializes in romance novels, decided to create a series of books with a NASCAR theme, the company needed to find the perfect driver to sell it.

Stealing back their scene

Sophia Larsen approached MU’s Speakers Circle on a mission. She, nine classmates and her professor were determined to take it back in the name of academia.

Pavement proposal provokes trail user to circulate petition

The proposal to pave local nature and fitness trails has created a stir among trail users, including one Columbia resident who is circulating a petition to urge officials to reconsider.

Candidates agree: Higher education lacks funding

If there’s one thing every candidate for an area seat in the Missouri House of Representatives agrees on, it’s that the state’s public colleges and universities need more money.

Concert funds key to restoring ‘Blind’ Boone’s famed piano

At first glance, the instrument sitting in the corner at the Walters-Boone County Historical Museum doesn’t look like much. Its sandy-colored surfaces are smooth but dull, and it is far removed from the bright, hot lights of a concert stage.

Festivals help people fall into the season

HARTSBURG — A drive down the winding five-mile stretch south on U.S. 63 to Hartsburg is usually marked by small homes and grazing livestock. But on Saturday, state Route A looked more like a parking lot.

4th Annual Missouri Chestnut Roast

Sen. Kit Bond has a love for chestnuts. While most people associate chestnuts with trees, Bond said he equates chestnuts with a special treat his mother would make — chestnut stuffing. The senator was among several thousand spectators who went to New Franklin on Saturday for the 4th Annual Missouri Chestnut Roast.

Howard roars back to MU

After one semester at Missouri, Crystal Howard packed her bags and left.

Player roots for fan for a change

For five years, Steve Conde has been the emotional leader of Matt Lawrence’s cheering section.

Questions abound for Anderson

For his first year to be a success, coach Mike Anderson will have to find the answers to many questions. Here are five of the most crucial questions for Anderson to ponder before Missouri hosts North Carolina A&T on Nov. 10 to start the season.