Choose life?

When Missouri residents vote on a constitutional amendment that would allow stem cell research to be conducted in the state, some of them will be making their decision, at least in part, based on their religious beliefs. However, not all voters influenced by faith will be casting their ballots the same way.

Belief in brief: Limbo

Pope Benedict XVI and the International Theological Commission of the Vatican met in early October to finalize their decision on the Roman Catholic Church’s teaching of limbo and have concluded to abolish the idea from Catholic ideology.

A fairer wage or fewer jobs?

A lot of us would recognize Flora Abernathy as the woman who works most days in the Dollar General checkout line, standing at the cash register behind a stainless-steel counter and ringing up the purchases of customers who’ve just run a gantlet of last-second temptations: pens, magazines, gum and the kinds of candy packaged so perfectly that children can’t resist begging parents for it.

Axing the agate, but what to replace it?

Dear Readers: Among the furniture that crowds newspaper sports sections, the agate page is the sleeper sofa.

Sauna owner may face deportation

One of the owners and operators of the VIP Sauna may face deportation after pleading guilty to second-degree promoting prostitution.

Master’s courses go online

For three years, Columbia College has been offering full undergraduate degree programs online. Beginning in January, students in the school’s master’s in business administration program will also be able

Assistant fire chief arrested

An assistant chief with the Boone County Fire Protection District was arrested early Saturday on suspicion of driving while intoxicated.

Pedestrian dies after being struck by car

A Columbia man was killed while walking down Nifong Boulevard early Saturday morning after a drunken driver hit him, Columbia police said.

House hopefuls differ on future energy needs

High gas prices, foreign dependence on oil and potential future crises overseas are prompting both political candidates and the public to search for energy solutions.

Options offered for small town business districts in decline

The paint is peeling off the buildings’ bricks. One store has a mess of paint cans and tools in the front window; the window next door is full of scattered mannequin heads. Behind a window another block over, pink, green and yellow sinks ­lie in an awkward stack.

Learning the ropes

One by one, new firefighter recruits leaned off the side of a ceiling rafter at Hearnes Center, shifting their weight — and their trust — onto a length of rope.

Ridgeway seeks re-enforcement

Community policing is a hot topic in Columbia’s Ridgeway neighborhood. On Aug. 18, City Manager Bill Watkins announced a crackdown on drugs, prostitution and other nuisance crimes in the North Garth Avenue area.

Halloween hinders black cat adoption

BOISE, Idaho — No black cat will cross your path this Halloween if a northern Idaho animal shelter can help it.

Columbia has no outright ban but uses discretion near Halloween

Where black cats are concerned, sometimes Halloween tricks get out of hand in the form of animal abuse.

Joking with teammates for position

Jokingly, Jason Horton calls teammate Stefhon Hannah “Stefanie” during practice.

La Russa’s celebration long overdue

ST. LOUIS — Tony La Russa is finally going to get his parade. The man who joined Sparky Anderson as the only managers in 130 or so years of major league baseball to have won a World Series in both leagues doesn’t know the time, date or place. Yet.

Self-inflicted setback

Gary Pinkel said he takes full blame for the Tigers’ 26-10 loss to Oklahoma. Pinkel, however, wasn’t the one fumbling the ball, throwing interceptions, or being called for personal fouls that extended Sooner drives.

OU silences Tigers’ ground attack

Plain and simple, Missouri’s offense struggled in Saturday’s 26-10 loss to Oklahoma. Most of those struggles can be blamed on the lack of a legitimate ground attack.

Former players still call Memorial home

Memorial Stadium wasn’t the only place for fans to hear a starting lineup on Missouri’s campus Saturday.

Longtime Celtics icon dies

WASHINGTON — Red Auerbach, the Hall of Fame coach who led the Boston Celtics to nine NBA championships in the 1950s and 1960s, died Saturday. He was 89.