Video: Tiger Trivia

Oregon State fans take a crack at answering questions by Tigers about Missouri at the El Paso Convention Center.


Pregame, Part II:


Tigers lead, 7-0:

Oregon State ties it up

Beavers take the lead

A special tribute

Tigers cut into Beavers lead

Tigers take the lead back


3rd Quarter

Tigers answer quickly

Trouble in the stands; Tigers add to lead

Beavers make it closer

Tigers score again; Beavers fans still believe

Rush the field? Not so fast...

So much for rushing the field...

Missouri loses thriller in Sun Bowl

Oregon State came back from a 14-point deficit with just more than 6 minutes to go, to beat Missouri 39-38 on a two-point conversion with 23 seconds on the clock.

Despite loss, Temple plays 'amazing' game

EL PASO, Texas - Tony Temple said he thinks any running back could have played the game that he did on Saturday in Missouri’s loss to Oregon State in the Sun Bowl.