A chestnut revival

NEW FRANKLIN — There’s no catchy marketing slogan like the one that moved orange juice beyond the breakfast nook a generation ago. Their starchy taste is decidedly acquired and difficult to describe. To make matters worse, their shell is hard to crack.

Central city improvement is tracked

Linda LaVere can remember when Donnelly Avenue in west-central Columbia had no sidewalks, curbs or gutters. It was an ugly and unimproved street that drained poorly during rainstorms.

Who wins with tax incentives?

Some people see recently proposed tax incentives for Columbia businesses as a game like chess: It’s impossible for both Columbia Public Schools and the city of Columbia to win.

Bowden memorial goes to council

Officer Molly Bowden gave her life on the streets of Columbia. Now, her fellow officers want to honor her sacrifice.

It’s Shape-Up time; this year, bring the kids

As the guilt from the holiday festivities sinks in, a healthy initiative is set to shift Columbians off their sofa and into a more wholesome way of life.

Tigers’ defense shows improvement

Friday’s game against Oakland surely didn’t excite many Missouri men’s basketball fans, but the 74-58 victory at least showed the Tigers are learning.

Vermeil gone

KANSAS CITY — With tears in his eyes, Dick Vermeil said this is really it. A third retirement means he is out of football.

Winning farewell for K.C. coach

KANSAS CITY — The Kansas City Chiefs gave Dick Vermeil a near-perfect goodbye gift.