Hard to stay energy efficient

A lack of hussle is not something you expect to see from J.T. Tiller.

Bruins get last-match win against Kirksville

When it comes to wrestling, fans usually want a pin. Thursday, Rock Bridge wanted anything but a pin.

Tigers look to ground streaking Cyclones

Even though Iowa State’s Anna Florzak, a freshman, decided not to attend MU to play basketball, she’s still familiar with a couple of the players on the Tigers’ women’s team.

MU swimming flinging wide net

Texas. Virginia. Michigan. Florida. How about Saskatchewan?

Painful realizations

Ed Bryant’s hand traced the beige wall of his Columbia home as he moved down the stairs, his fingertips having become a steady means of navigation since he lost his eyes to diabetes 20 years ago.

Conference touts computers as useful agribusiness tools

Computers are everywhere — and, more and more, they can be found down on the farm.

Breaking new ground

Through a mix of barren trees outside Dana Battison’s central city office, she can see an empty plot at the corner of Garth Avenue and Sexton Road in the First Ward. This spring when the leaves return, a grocery store, retail shops and apartments should begin to sprout from the vacant lot.

2006 set state record for tornadoes

Missouri had a record-breaking 102 documented tornadoes in 2006, according to the National Weather Service.

MU ramps up high school recruitment

College recruiters in Missouri have about three years before the number of high school graduates starts to decrease, increasing the competition for first-time freshman students.

Mayor to seek fifth term

PedNet projects, charter review on proposed agenda