Cultivating creative community

Jill Womack has lived the fast-paced, big-city life in both New York and Los Angeles pursuing her love for theater, but nothing excited her more than the idea of coming back to her comparatively unpretentious hometown of Columbia.

The challenge of change

On the floor lies a jewelry box. Its owner sifts through the contents before stumbling on a Star of David, which helped to solidify this Branson native’s new faith after changing her beliefs nearly five years ago.

Community Sketchbook

Artist: Kate Gray

Creating a new kind of cancer treatment

Dr. Fred Hawthorne thinks he knows a way to kill cancer cells while avoiding many of the negative side effects of traditional chemotherapy or radiation. The catch? He’s 78 years old and wants to test his theory as soon as he can.

Sign of the times

Jack Burton giggles with laughter at his older sister and tells her that he thinks she’s funny by rubbing the top of his nose. This is just one of the signs the 13-month-old toddler has been taught in order to express his thoughts before he develops the skills to talk.

Pushing aside priorities to push away the snow

Columbia’s Cornerstone Baptist Church may have a somewhat quieter worship service Sunday.

Documents related to 'A chief under fire'

A chief under fire

Fire Chief Steve Paulsell takes off his glasses and rubs his eyes, the lines on his brow furrowing in frustration.

Salaries getting a closer look

Before John Gordon Sr. won a seat on the Boone County Fire Protection District’s governing board in 2004, he went around to the department’s volunteers and employees and asked them what they wanted to see changed. He heard two things repeatedly.

Timeline for 'A chief under fire'


Key figures in 'A chief under fire'


Police team to patrol central Columbia

A new two-man Columbia Police squad has begun patrolling in the central part of the city from 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. to combat drug sales and nuisance crimes more proactively.

Neighbors offer $1,000 reward for information on horse shooting

Tom Stewart and Rick Shanker want answers, and they’re willing to pay for them.

Intense wilderness

With a nearly full moon as the only light, Team Inertia huddled around three containers of Tupperware holding gear including Pringles, bike pumps and extra socks. Even before 7 a.m., the group searched for the right carabiner, the filed-down purple one, not to be confused with the pink, yellow or red ones. Checking for the fourth time to make sure all the gear was in place, the team offered words of comfort to one another.

Fire district's future depending on its past

Dear Reader: The Missourian's cover story details controversy within the Boone County Fire Protection District that has been unraveling for almost two years now. If you’re a loyal reader (and I’m sure you are), you probably have read about some of the uproar: lawsuits, firings, accounting irregularities, criminal investigations and more. Allegations and counter-allegations galore.

Second storm hits Missouri; third is forecast for Sunday

SPRINGFIELD — A crippling winter storm lashed Missouri with another blast of freezing rain, sleet and snow today, causing widespread power outages from St. Louis to Springfield and leading Gov. Matt Blunt to declare a state of emergency.

City unscathed after weekend winter storms

Columbia came through the first wave of the predicted weekend ice storms with passable roads and no power outages Saturday, and a second wave of wintry precipitation rolling across central Missouri appeared likely to also leave most of Columbia unscathed.

We got lucky: We mainly got sleet

Columbia was spared a heavy buildup of ice that downed power lines in other parts of Missouri during the first wave of wintry weather this weekend.

Missouri out-muscled

An 11-2 record going into the conference season had Missouri wondering if it could maybe reach the NCAA tournament.

Kansas State stifles Missouri in Manhattan

After the Kansas State men’s basketball team flew into the Columbia airport on Friday, the Missouri women boarded the same plane and left a day earlier than scheduled for Manhattan, Kan. to beat the ice storm that hit most of Missouri