MU credits turnaround to renewed urgency

The Missouri men’s basketball team lost its fourth straight Big 12 Conference game Jan. 15 at Kansas. Since then, however, the Tigers have not come close to losing, beating Colorado and Texas Tech by double-digits.

BOONE LIFE: Small-town birthday

A quick loop around Harrisburg reveals barely a soul outside. But near Harrisburg Baptist Church, Jesse Glydewell and Steve Thornhill face the cold by rocking their weight from leg to leg and then back on their heels and turtle-necking their heads into their collars. Rather than keep warm inside, they’d be happy to park your car and walk you arm-in-arm around to the back door to Naomi Allen’s 70th birthday celebration, where the welcome is as warm as the hot chocolate.

Boone County’s quintet

Boone County commissioners come and go, ushered in and out of office by public or private decisions. But in the halls of Boone County government, there are five mainstays: five women — all Democrats — who have been in office for at least 11 years and for as long as 30. Time and again, voters return them to office for four years at a time, often with no opposition.

Helping people move forward

One of the things Bettie Johnson likes most about being the recorder of deeds is the mood of people who come to her office. People come to Johnson when they want to get married or are about to buy a house. Generally, it’s a happy time. “That’s a positive part of the government,” Johnson said. “We don’t have irate customers.”

Banking on success

It looks as if Kay Murray has just moved into her office. Boxes are scattered all over the room. The walls are bare, with no pictures or posters to lend any sort of personality. But Murray is far from being a newly elected official. She just hasn’t taken the time to unpack since her office was renovated.

Electing to serve the voters

It’s Nov. 7, and Boone County Clerk Wendy Noren is giving last-minute instructions to her staff. Within a few hours, the lobby of the Roger B. Wilson Boone County Government Center will be filled with about 60,000 general election ballots. Having already worked for weeks to prepare for the big vote and to ensure the election would run smoothly, it’s now her job to tally the ballots and release the results quickly.

Budgeting money, time

Auditor June Pitchford is hard at work at her desk, putting the fin-ishing touches on a 2007 spending plan for the county that probably will exceed $50 million for the first time. It’s the 16th budget Pitchford has put together since she was first elected in 1990.

It's about people, not money

At first glance, Pat Lensmeyer’s office might look like that of any other county official. There are volumes of Missouri statutes and a certificate on the wall that says Lensmeyer has been collector since 1995.

Building your own digital house

Dear digital reader: Pound enough nails in enough 2x4s, and you’ll eventually be able to frame out a house.

Mentally ill a puzzle for police

It was an unusual report: a man walking around downtown Columbia beating everything in sight with drumsticks.

A flapjack fundraiser

The first thing Linda Easley did Saturday after she finished her recovery from neck surgery was head to the 56th annual Pancake and Sausage Day to volunteer.

Curators raise UM System fees, give scholarship

A 4.4 percent increase in room and board and a 7.1 percent increase in student activity fees were approved along with a 3.9 percent meal plan rise for the MU campus by the University of Missouri System Board of Curators at its meeting Friday in St. Louis. The board approved different rates of increase for the four UM System campuses. Those increases ranged from 1.6 percent to 7.1 percent.

Penny tax proposed for highway work

JEFFERSON CITY — The chairman of the Senate’s Transportation Committee has come up with a new approach to deal with the overcrowding on Missouri’s interstates — a statewide sales tax increase.

Circus-like event launches fundraiser for art

On Saturday night, the lobby of the Missouri Theatre was a gallery, full of art made by students at Lee Expressive Arts Elementary School as well as local artists.

Legislators to re-examine overtime in wage law

JEFFERSON CITY — Next week, a Missouri Senate committee is expected to consider undoing a provision in the minimum wage proposal approved by Missouri voters in November.

Do-not-resuscitate orders focus of proposed Mo. bill

JEFFERSON CITY — A bill to allow emergency responders to comply with do-not-resuscitate orders has been filed by a retired firefighter.

Bye week readies Tigers for Colorado

Before the Missouri women’s basketball team played Colorado on Jan. 3 at Boulder, Colo., it was receiving votes in both the Associated Press and the coaches’ polls.

Shadow games

If Missouri guard Jason Horton is allowing his man to score, coach Mike Anderson lets him know about it. And Anderson isn’t too kind in his way of telling him.

Bruins win without top scorer

The Rock Bridge girls basketball team knows how to persevere.

Tigers lose to coach’s former team, Nebraska

When Missouri gymnastics coach Rob Drass looked across Hearnes Center on Friday night, he saw a familiar sight: the red and cream warm-up suits of the Nebraska Cornhuskers, who he coached for eight years.