Bruins can’t stop Goode

At several points during Rock Bridge’s Friday night game against the Raytown South Cardinals, the chant of “You can’t stop him” could be heard coming from one section of the crowd at the Rock Bridge gym.

Ozark’s size too much for Kewpies

The last person sitting in the bleachers behind the Hickman Kewpies boys basketball bench Saturday night wasn’t a fan, or a statistician.

BOONE LIFE: Hands under the hood

An anxious voice trickles through the two-way radio mounted on the wall next to an organized toolbox.

Crafting a legacy

FULTON — In Lee Nigh’s home, an amber-gold violin rests beside a study window, as if it were looking out onto the rainy afternoon.

International Relations

Paul Fox was a lot of things growing up, but religious was not one of them.

Critical caring

With his mischievous laugh, vivid arsenal of imaginative stories and inquisitive, chatty nature, Byron Hines has won himself a spot on many a nurses’ favorite-patient list. He’s whooped every volunteer who has dared to compete against him in a game of Sorry! or Monopoly, and on his good days, he’s quite the force to keep up with.

HIV, faith redirect woman’s outlook on life

Brenda Flowers has lived with HIV for 10 years now. For most of that time, she kept the diagnosis to herself. She says she wanted to avoid that “certain look,” and she dreaded having her life defined solely by the fact she had the virus that causes AIDS. She was ashamed. And she was certain that she would be shunned by everyone who knew about her diagnosis.