Faculty air concerns about testing

Some MU faculty are concerned about the possible implications of a Senate bill that would require accountability standards for higher education.

Graduate student to talk about Jesus in the modern day

His band is called PatCee DeeCline. He was interested in music long before he became an academic. And he initially wanted to write his dissertation on the music scene in Columbia.

Horses abound

Imagine a massive animal that stands almost seven feet tall and weighs nearly a ton. It could break your foot if it made a misstep.

Police identify suspect in marijuana bust

Columbia police on Friday received a federal warrant in relation to two house searches on Wednesday, during which they confiscated 220 pounds of marijuana.

Longtime Missouri political figure Woods dies

ST. LOUIS — Harriett Woods didn’t set out to be a political pioneer. She just wanted someone to do something about the noisy manhole cover near her suburban St. Louis home.