Bruins get tough on defense in victory

Rock Bridge beat Quincy Notre Dame 60-29 on Friday night at Rock Bridge. However, the score of the game at halftime was 27-20 Rock Bridge. The Bruins held Quincy Notre Dame to two points in the third quarter and nine points in the second half.

Defender’s play helps Kewps win

Hickman senior Cray Logan loves to play basketball.

Eclectic art warms winter exhibit

Vibrant greens of grass and warm blues of sky may seem to show an afternoon in photographer Avery Danziger’s series of nudes. But the photos were shot late at night, with only the moon and a flashlight as sources of light.

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Dayna Fields grew up in a mostly Jewish neighborhood on Chicago’s North Shore, so she was unaccustomed to being part of a religious minority when she arrived at MU. It might have been easy for Fields to grow disconnected from her faith, but she decided that, despite the much smaller Jewish population in Columbia, she would become even more active.

Belief in brief

Rastafari was born against the backdrop of colonial rule. It was inspired by the philosophy of Marcus Garvey, a political leader who espoused black self-empowerment.

Second attack

After surgery to remove two tumors in her right breast, then another operation involving the removal of both her breasts, Jackie O’Rourke now lives with lymphedema.

Happy hardcore

Alex Kelley swings his microphone by the cord like a referee’s whistle, then karate kicks the air and pumps his fist. The bass drum kicks, and barely tuned guitars wail. Distorted amplifiers throw sound into every corner. Cymbals crash, and a deep bass guitar rhythm drives Kelley’s intensity to another level. He’s inside his head, no longer in the room. Maybe he’s on the stage of a sold-out amphitheater, and through a glowing ocean of cigarette lighters he can see the screaming faces of imaginary fans, pining for an encore.