Stepping up

With the new movie “Stomp the Yard” making millions on the big screen, stepping — rhythmic, aggressive, dancelike movement popular in the African-American community — is becoming more widely known in American pop culture.

Celebrating 175 years

It all started with a communion wafer in the wrong hand.

Belief in brief: Buddhism


MU researcher develops new body fat test

Thought you were making headway on your New Year’s resolution to lose weight? We all may soon find ourselves a little fatter than we thought.

BOONE LIFE: Frozen assets

The digital thermometer on the wall of Monroe’s Fast Lube and Car Wash in Centralia hovers at 25 degrees.

Architectural style

Classical Revival

Anatomy of a dive

One meter after his body leaves the 10-meter platform, MU diver David Boyko’s body accelerates to more than 36 miles per hour. As he moves through the next seven meters or so of his dive, he reaches maximum velocity, twisting and turning through his routine before righting himself just prior to impact. Should he fail to pull himself out of his revolution before the pool rushes up to meet him, Boyko can suffer serious damage to his body. Water can be as unforgiving as pavement.

Tax credits designed to encourage restoration projects, manage changes

It’s a misconception that restrictions accompany properties given historical status by the government.