Picture of the week

Washing dishes and sharing a kiss, Kenny and waitress Tonnie Martin manage double duty. Kenny chose a restaurant Christmas party to propose. As usual, the people at Lucy’s were the first to know the news.

Kenny Cook kisses his fiancee Tonnie Martin while washing dishes during Prime Rib Night on Feb. 25 at Lucy’s Bar and Grill on Route K in McBaine.

Downtown growing up

Chris Harrison plops down on his sofa to watch television after a night of frying chicken and slicing meat in the deli at Gerbes Supermarket. The haphazard clutter of his apartment is evidence of the two decades he’s lived in the small white house on Locust Street.

Spit happens

Booches’ window sign prohibits it. The ancient Romans considered avoiding it rude. The Greeks believed it brought newlyweds good luck.

Profile: Axie Hindman

My favorite book to read and re-read over and over again…

Will less smoke make Columbia more heart-healthy?

Helena, Mont., was several years ahead of Columbia when its lawmakers outlawed smoking in most public places.

A steady beat

Steddy P, whose given name is Ray Pierce, has been an emcee and performer at the Sapphire Lounge’s hip-hop night, “Mad Real Mondays,” since it began in September 2005. He’s listened to hip-hop since he was 7, after seeing artists such as Dr. Dre, Public Enemy and LL Cool J, and the show “Yo! MTV Raps” on cable television.

Denied: Wiccans and the military

The night wind pushes Don Larsen’s green robe against his lanky frame.

First Presbyterian looks to renovate church

The First Presbyterian Church in downtown Columbia is hoping to raise $4.5 million for a renovation project that will expand its fellowship space and improve accessibility.

Roush Racing now paired with MLB

It may have seemed a little odd on the Wednesday evening before the Daytona 500 to see Columbia’s Carl Edwards and his Roush Racing teammates playing some pickup baseball on a minor league baseball field in their driver’s suits, but thanks to a new partnership with John Henry, majority owner of the Boston Red Sox, Edwards and company will now be associated with Major League Baseball.

True/False Film Festival marches into Columbia

Elanor Leskew of the Mucca Pazza marching band plays the trombone during the March March parade in Columbia yesterday.

Delivery options

When Susan Renoe was expecting her first child, she knew that she wanted to have an out-of-hospital birth. So she looked into the phone book and found the Whole Health Family Birth Center, the predecessor to Columbia Community Birth Center.