‘Caged bird’ speaks

Maya Angelou speaks at Jesse Auditorium on Saturday in a sold-out performance. “You’re here to prepare yourself to be rainbows in the clouds,” she said. Her previous appearance here was about 20 years ago.

Hundreds of men and women of all ages filled MU’s Jesse Auditorium to capacity on Saturday to see famous poet, author and actor Maya Angelou.

Ragtag gets ready for setup in new site

With a successful 2007 True/False Film Festival under their belt, festival organizers David Wilson and Paul Sturtz now have time for their other baby: a move for the Ragtag Cinemacafe.

Past and present, generations of University Singers united

The University Singers alumni who gathered at MU on Saturday hadn’t had the opportunity to sing together in more than a decade. But their performance voices must have come back to them naturally.

Vehicle collides with man in a wheelchair

A vehicle collided with a pedestrian in an electric wheelchair on Eighth Street near Hickman Avenue on Saturday morning, sending the man to the hospital for injuries to his back and legs.

City considering mail-order prescription program

Columbia is considering a mail-order prescription drug program for city employees that would cut medication costs and save the municipal government an estimated $56,000 a year if 10 percent of employees use it.

Council candidates consider makeover plan

A consultant’s proposal for redeveloping downtown south of Broadway has some degree of support among all six candidates running for seats on the Columbia City Council in the April 3 election.

General Assembly completes flurry of activity before spring break

JEFFERSON CITY — Missouri lawmakers left for their weeklong spring break Thursday, leaving Gov. Matt Blunt with one victory and two major legislative defeats to close out the first half of the session.

Lobbyist works to sway lawmakers to give Missourians more firearm freedoms

JEFFERSON CITY — Tim Oliver has spent 16 years in Jefferson City attempting to change the way that Missouri and its legislators view gun laws.

‘You have to get out and show people you can instead of accepting their pity’

John Covington doesn’t want you to feel sorry for him.

Trip the light fantastic

As their routine reaches a crescendo, the dance students of Stephens College float blissfully through the air, appearing to defy the principles of gravity without effort. The close observer, however, will notice the their breath quickening as they pirouette, leap gracefully and dance gracefully.

Hard work times two

Paul Bolerjack doesn’t know where his daughters found their love for basketball. But he does know where they got their skills. And while their skills aren’t necessarily from his genetics, they are of his influence.

Spreading the love for Tigers’ offense

If you venture onto a Missouri football message board, you’re likely to see complaints from Missouri fans about the type of offense that the Tigers run.

Freshmen shed inexperience in time for WNIT

If freshman Jessra Johnson were allowed to participate in postseason NCAA bracketing, Duke’s loss to Virginia Commonwealth would have ruined her predictions.

Ben Askren’s title helps MU clinch third place at nationals.

One last time, wrestling fans got to see what they had seen so many times before. The last match of Ben Askren’s career ended the way most did: with style, flair and a victory.

Priday’s struggles continue in Tiger victory

Jacob Priday is struggling. The only problem is, he’s not sure what the problem is. He is entering his junior season as a leader on the young Missouri (17-5) team. He’s respected and relied upon by his teammates. He has recovered well from offseason surgery. He has been a Freshman All-American, a first team All-Big 12 Conference selection, and a cornerstone of the Tiger lineup since he joined the team in 2005.

Renth’s swing adjustment leads to big things for MU

When softball coach Ehren Earleywine arrived at Missouri before the season, he brought with him RightView Pro, a computer program that helps analyze swings with the help of videos of Major League Baseball players.

Titans sign former MU wideout Gage

The Tennessee Titans agreed to terms with former Missouri receiver Justin Gage on Friday, moving to fill a gaping hole on their roster.

Five ideas

Did Columbia respond to Nazis properly? How involved should parents be with school curricula? How do you help your children eat right? How can Democrats help end the Iraq war? How can MU promote a drug- and alcohol-free campus?

Responses to Five ideas from March 11, 2007

On March 11, we asked: What’s better for Missouri, local or state control of agricultural operations?

Hindman’s challenger gets credit for trying

I don’t suppose there’s anybody in Columbia, with the possible exception of the man himself, who thinks John Clark has a prayer of beating Darwin Hindman for mayor. Still, I give him a lot of credit for running.