Exit polling: Let us know if it’s a do or don’t for Tuesday votes

Tom Warhover is the Columbia Missourian's executive editor for innovation.

In the November election, senior city editor Scott Swafford sent out nearly 50 reporters to survey voters about their choices. His goal was to produce a story earlier in the day that gave online readers a sense of how the vote was going before the polls closed.

2007 voter guide

Voters across Boone County will be traveling to the polls on Tuesday to elect town board and council members, fill school board seats and decide on school bond issues.

School bond issue

On April 3, the Columbia School District will ask voters to approve a $60 million bond issue — the first of three — intended to alleviate overcrowding, make building improvements, air condition five schools and provide more technology in classrooms.

Library tax

A tax proposal on Tuesday’s ballot would fund the building and operation of a new library in Ashland and a branch library in north Columbia.

Voting basics

You must be a registered voter in Boone County to cast a ballot on Tuesday. The registration deadline for this election has passed.

Boone County ballot roundup

Here’s a look at all the races and issues that will appear on Boone County ballots outside Columbia.

All terms for school board seats are for three years and all terms for town boards are two years, unless otherwise noted.

Stitching prayers

Some of the women, their hands moving frantically, could look around the room, seemingly unaware of the shawl forming around their needles. For others at the table, it was a conscious effort, requiring deliberation each time the yarn looped around the needle.

Balanced therapy

Kay Wright is turning 64 this year and is laden with a host of health problems. “The list is so long, where do you want me to start?” she asked.


Jerry D. Thompson's Oklahoma State University training stressed the international style of architecture. “We were the school of ‘form follows function.’ If the ornament had no meaning to the structure of function of the building, eliminate it.”

Holly Voges

I try to wear what is comfortable and not what everyone else is going to be wearing.

You use too much water/You don't use enough

Jacob Holman, 30, a winemaker at Les Bourgeois, often bumps heads with his fiancee on matters concerning the single bathroom they share. Holman skips a flush every once in a while in order to conserve water. This method of conservation, however, is not always mutually appreciated.

Why I like manicures and pedicures

MU student Bryan Okpala towers above most of us, and the muscles of his arms and chest bulge from hours at the gym. His dark features and serious visage give off a manly man’s vibe. Still, he loves his manicures and pedicures.

Woven together

During February’s meeting of Columbia Weavers and Spinners’ Guild, several members showed off their latest creations: towels made in a guild study group and baskets woven from palms by a member on a trip to Hawaii.

What-ifs can be powerful force in sports

Sports are full of well-documented what-ifs.

A ‘little snippet’ of Masters’ history

It’s probably an odd feeling seeing a TV commercial advertising a golf tournament you will be playing in.

Airline flight proves to be an adventure

I’ve never enjoyed traveling when airports and airplanes are involved. That’s the main reason my husband and I bought an RV. I know that when I shut the door on our motor home and my husband releases the parking brake, our trip has begun. However, when I park my car in the long-term lot and wheel my earthly possessions