Tigers wary of Aggies’ senior point guard

Acie Law is one of those players. It seems like he has been playing college basketball for a while.

Cougars’ Widaman big factor

Columbia College freshman guard Whitney Widaman started playing basketball when she was 5. Her mother was the coach, and she gave Widaman some advice that has stuck with her.

Brown’s hard work pays

STURGEON — It all started with a lie.

Smokers and managers summoned

Twenty-four summonses were issued to smokers and managers for failure to comply with the smoking ban during surprise inspections of Columbia bars on Thursday, according to a statement released by the Columbia/Boone County Health Department’s Environmental Health Division.

Blunt criticized for handling of lawsuit

JEFFERSON CITY — Just hours after Gov. Matt Blunt defended his decision Wednesday to retain a top official accused of sexual harassment, two female statewide officials questioned the governor’s actions concerning the former Department of Agriculture director and the proposed settlement of the sexual harassment investigation.

Coordinators to help start N.Y. walking bus programs

As students begin their walk home from school today, two Columbia healthy-living advocates, Walking School Bus coordinator Margy Tonnies and PedNet director Ian Thomas, will take a walk of their own.

State seeks limits on college admissions

JEFFERSON CITY — In the latest legislative swipe at illegal immigration in Missouri, the House gave initial approval Wednesday to a measure that would ban illegal immigrants from attending Missouri public colleges and universities.

After losses, MU’s a cappella groups focus on future

“Move Along” was the title of a song performed by Mizzou Forte at an international a cappella competition Friday, but now it describes the group’s attitude as they get ready for the next performance.

March blows in

W-I-N-D. Only four letters long, yet its impact is strong. It can be friendly at times; it can be fierce at times. It moves people against their will, but it can also breathe life into objects that have no say-so at all. Wind: It’s here, for now.

Chairman speaks positively of market

WASHINGTON — Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told Congress on Wednesday that the administration and federal regulators are closely monitoring financial markets in the wake of the biggest stock market sell-off in more than five years, but so far the markets appear to be “working well.”

Night light

Energy conservation is the motive for extending daylight-saving time by four weeks, but local electricity providers aren’t betting their clocks on it.

Two killed in accidents on U.S. 63

An Ashland teenager on her way to school and a Boone County man walking home were killed in separate accidents at two different points on U.S. 63 on Wednesday.

Cheerleader remembered for smile and dedication

The Southern Boone County High School junior who died in an early morning car crash Wednesday was a varsity cheerleader with college plans.

True/False celebrates March with an unconventional parade

There will be giant puppets and people riding tall bikes. But don’t think of the March March as a traditional parade.

Property owners say block is not for sale

Shelley Ravipudi views her properties on Lyon Street as long-term investments and doesn’t plan to sell them anytime soon. Even a purchasing option promising $175,000 for the property at 506 Lyon St. didn’t change her mind.

Columbia artist’s work becomes poster for festival

They seem to be everywhere downtown right now, those posters with the orange backgrounds showing an entanglement of sorts between an “architeuthis dux” and a “campephilus principalis” — that is, a giant squid and an ivory-billed woodpecker.

Tigers hold on

Big 12 Conference men’s basketball just isn’t that easy.

Kewpies boosted by bench

Senior Kristin Conrad doesn’t see much meaningful playing time for the No. 2 Hickman girls basketball team.

Nash funeral to be held on Monday

ST. LOUIS — The funeral service for former Missouri running back Damien Nash, who collapsed and died Saturday after a charity basketball game, will be Monday in St. Louis.

Roby curious about CU’s new coach

Colorado guard Richard Roby doesn’t always read the sports section to see what writers are saying about his 6-19 basketball team.