9 years of school service wrap up

Chuck Headley is stepping down as head of school board after nine years of service.

At Tuesday night’s election watch party, friends and family gathered to celebrate Karla DeSpain’s campaign for re-election to the Columbia School Board. Among the guests was Chuck Headley, 76, who played down his own accomplishment — the completion of his final term on the board — and focused his energy on congratulating his colleague.

Through fifth-grade eyes

The hallways of West Boulevard Elementary School are adorned with students’ artwork and projects, but these projects are more than a showcase of hard work. They are part of West Boulevard’s second annual Children’s Museum that observes and explores U.S. history — this year, “Through Indian Eyes.”

New image system will help track vegetation

Columbia’s city government will be using high-resolution aerial photography to map vegetation and aid in enforcement of tree preservation laws.

A spirited Sunday

Audrey O’Brien, 9, and her family leave Easter services at The First Presbyterian Church of Columbia on Sunday.

Final books chosen for One Read

“Zorro” is the story of Diego de la Vega’s progression from an aristocratic Spanish youth to the masked hero of TV and movies.

Missouri Association of Fire Protection Districts accuses fire district of financial mismanagement

The Boone County Fire Protection District board is once again grappling with a question of financial mismanagement, and this time the allegation is coming from an old friend and neighbor, the Missouri Association of Fire Protection Districts.

Board to pick leaders, swear in new members

The Columbia Board of Education will meet Monday in the administration building, 1818 W. Worley St., at 7 p.m.

Returning to America

One year ago, Lauren Fredman, 19, painted a wall on an army base in Israel. In September, Alex Born, 22, ate borscht and read Alexander Pushkin’s short story “The Snow Storm” in Moscow. Meredith Colgin, 25, brought homeless children into shelters in India. All three returned to Columbia with stories to share. They also came back with new perspectives on American life and culture and felt difficulty in making the transition back. Their experiences were unique.

Top 10 challenges upon returning home from a trip abroad

If you have just returned from a trip abroad, you may experience some of these symptoms, according to Hans Stockton, director of study abroad at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minn.

New twist in fatigue study seeks reactions

Daniel Vinson wants other scientists and researchers to prove that his study of the relationship between fatigue and injury is wrong. After all, it suggests that the sleepier you are, the less likely you are to suffer an injury.