Hip-hop and a higher power

Members of Hip-Hop Sanctuary New Generation Church dance after services. The church uses hip-hop culture to encourage youth to participate in praise and worship.

He goes by the name of Pastor Flo. As he stood in the pulpit of the Hip-Hop Sanctuary New Generation Church, all eyes were on him. “They say we can’t have hip-hop and church,” said Flo, a lay preacher whose real name is Roosevelt Sargent.

A poem of a home

"Every morning I shower with Milton,” says Jenijoy La Belle, referring to tiles she found on eBay and installed on her shower wall. “They show Satan watching with envy as Adam kisses Eve,” a reproduction of William Blake’s drawing for John Milton’s “Paradise Lost.”

Anticipating funding

Marketta Hayes sat at her dining table in her Columbia home looking at an empty Lipton Iced Tea bottle. “Oh,” she said, sliding the bottle away from her. “I didn’t know there was that many calories in here. That’s a lot.”

Mother Nature in throes of menopause

Here it is the middle of April and I’m writing this column with a blanket thrown across my shoulders. Me! The queen of hot flashes has been freezing for most of the last three months.

Life on hold

Many women shudder at the thought that a modern-day female might define her life by the presence or absence of a man.

Ancient history

As Columbia’s boundary inches closer to the Missouri River, development threatens what remains of Missouri’s past.

At Stephens College, an A+ matters more than a win

Maddie Marshall is so Hollywood. From the glittery wrap that keeps her dark brown hair in place to her academic major — film studies — she seems like the kind of woman who would be at home on the left coast.

New online Missourian sheds light on the city’s darker deeds

The state Sunshine Law forced officials to release documents that they would rather have kept private. The spirit of the law: Good deeds are rarely done in the dark.

Picture of the week

Danielle Morris was watching television as I surveyed her apartment to find the perfect location to photograph a portrait of her.

Rachel Anderson

My guiltiest pleasure is ... lying in bed and watching “Grey’s Anatomy” or reading US Weekly.