3-year-old girl found; police still searching for suspect

A 3-year-old girl reported missing Saturday was found, but police continued to search for the suspect in her kidnapping.

Healthy job prospects

For a few minutes, the participants in Tomorrow’s Health Care Elite got a firsthand taste of what it might be like to participate in saving someone’s life.

Faithfully green

Tiffany Malloy tries to be a good environmentalist every day, but this is especially true on Sundays. Global warming and pollution are ultimately social justice issues, Malloy says, and completely in line with her Christian faith. Still, she hears genuine reservations about her activism from some of her Christian friends.

Creative expressions

MOSCOW — There’s snow on the cupola, sunlight in the brandy and a lot of talk about metaphor, mythical symbolism and how the rich will pay incredible amounts of money for a portrait. With a prolific brush and a deft understanding of ego, Nikas Safronov, who flutters like a designer moth amid canvases in his studio, is Russia’s artist to the powerful.

Meet the Overshiner family: Living Green

In the Overshiner house on Garden Street hangs a map of the United States with a red line that starts in Columbia and stretches farther and farther east along Interstate 70.

Belief in brief: Eastern Orthodoxy

Eastern Orthodoxy, one of the three major branches of Christianity, has more than 200 million members worldwide. It stresses the continuity of the church traditions originally established by the apostles.

For breaking news, newspapers must label information accordingly

Wednesday afternoon, the word came: shooting reported at Reactor Field on MU.

Picture of the week

John Kosash helped his friends clear out their belongings from their bottom floor apartment at Ashwood Apartments.

10 tips for greener living

1. Get there under your own power. Consider riding a bike or walking when you are going on short trips (1 to 3 miles) to places such as the library, video store, lunch, the park or a friend’s house. A fun way to get started is to sign up for Bike, Walk and Wheel Week, which challenges Columbians to make trips by walking and biking. It takes place May 12-19. For more information and to sign up, go to

Andy Kohl

My guiltiest pleasure is … Silence because of the noise level I encounter in my job daily and my family nightly. I occasionally enjoy an opportunity to sit in a deer stand or on a lake shore with nothing but the sounds of nature.

How to get involved

Staying green this Earth Day may be easier than you think. Here are a few groups that strive to preserve the environment. All groups are Earth Day 2007 Coalition members.

The VIP room

Good luck getting into Quinton’s Bar & Deli. It’s 11 p.m., and the Friday night lineup has already begun, as hopeful party animals queue for a chance to get into the packed establishment.

A day of writing, a day full of struggles

It’s never happened to me before. And I never want it to happen again. Every week when I sit down to write this column I have an idea or two as to what topic I will write about. But last week when I sat down at 5 a.m. (my usual time to begin writing) my mind went blank.

Runner Marcus Mayes growing up at Missouri

The Tigers are Marcus Mayes’ first team.

Mayes competed for Charles Page High School in Sand Springs, Okla., but was the only consistent runner all four years. Mayes didn’t have a high school coach, either. Alvin Mayes, his father, coached him all four years.

We're #1!!

As an undergrad at Texas Tech, a friend approached me after a big win by the football team.