Sen. McCaskill denied chance to give speech at daughter’s commencement

Sen. Claire McCaskill

Sen. Claire McCaskill was uninvited from speaking at her daughter’s Catholic high school commencement because her positions on abortion and embryonic stem cell research are at odds with those of the church.

Good soil with proper minerals necessary for healthy plants

The big three mineral elements of plant nutrition are nitrogen, phosphate and potassium, somewhat closely followed by calcium, and then far after these are the trace minerals: magnesium, boron, manganese, sulfur, iron, zinc. Even more minimally are copper, cobalt, molybdenum, chlorine and others.

AT&T plans to expand television and high-speed Internet services in Missouri

AT&T announced Tuesday it will invest $335 million to expand new television and high-speed Internet services in Missouri, less than two months after Gov. Matt Blunt signed legislation to change the way telecommunications companies gain access to Missouri markets.

Where's David?

“Are you Sarah?”

Sarah Berendzen was startled when a man in a red-and-white striped hat and a Missouri Theatre sweatshirt approached her as she got out of her car on Bicknell Street.

City looks for public input on budget

Columbia has more than $450 million worth of capital projects it could undertake within the next 10 years if it can just find the money to do them all, and city leaders want the public’s help in determining what their priorities should be.

High court upholds abortion law

The Missouri Supreme Court upheld a law Tuesday letting parents sue people who help their teenage daughters get abortions without their consent.

Missouri dismisses dyslexic executioner

The Missouri Department of Corrections has informed the appeals court considering the state’s lethal injection procedures that it will no longer use the services of a dyslexic surgeon for future lethal injection executions.

Environment central to ‘Urinetown’

In “Urinetown, the Musical,” which plays for three more nights at Stephens College’s Macklanburg Playhouse, political issues take center stage for many of the audience members. Questions of environmental responsibility interlace with upbeat musical numbers and pithy jokes about necessary bodily functions.

Covenant group set to publicize business search

The Business Selection Committee for Covenant Community Development Corp. will begin sending out fliers and pamphlets to churches, libraries and other civic organizations advertising pre-applications for small businesses that want space in its development at Garth Avenue and Sexton Road.

Amendments could sink health care bill

JEFFERSON CITY — The Senate sponsor of one of the governor’s main economic priorities said Tuesday that he will not sign on to the newest version because it was loaded with various tax breaks.

Cardinals unravel late

MILWAUKEE — Ben Sheets allowed two runs in six innings, showing no ill-effects from a groin injury he suffered in his last start, and Tony Graffanino hit a three-run homer to help the Milwaukee Brewers beat slumping St. Louis 12-2 on Tuesday night.

Hancock involved in earlier wreck

SAUGET, Ill. — Three days before he was killed in a highway wreck, St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Josh Hancock was involved in a predawn accident that police treated routinely.

Overcoming obstacles

It was the second longest throw of the day, an incredible showing in the strong winds gusting through the Missouri Relays.

Cardinals struggle to deal with emotions

MILWAUKEE — After learning of Josh Hancock’s death, the emotions rushed back to Albert Pujols. The All-Star first baseman is still trying to come to grips with the latest tragedy in St. Louis.