City Council to talk about new garage for downtown area

A planned 455-space parking garage on Walnut Street across from the post office could alleviate the city’s need for parking downtown that is forcasted to grow as more government employees begin working in the District.

MU professor charged with two assaults

Timothy R. Waid, 44, an adjunct assistant professor of management in MU’s College of Business, was arrested on suspicion of third-degree assault of a law enforcement officer early Friday morning outside of a bar on Ninth Street, Columbia police said.

New method could convert blood into most-needed type O

A team of multi-national researchers has discovered a method to efficiently convert blood types A, B, and AB into universally acceptable type O, promising to reduce shortages and fatal blood transfusion errors.

Woman who served time for murder gets released

Shirley Lute on Friday took the last step on a winding legal road as she was released from a state prison in northern Missouri more than 25 years after she was convicted of helping kill the man she said had been abusing her.

Closing Scene

Karen Heywood was taken aback last year when the president of the Student Government Association at Stephens College told Heywood she’d make a fantastic senior class president. It wasn’t that Heywood thought herself incapable. But at 50 years old, Heywood was surprised that the younger students at Stephens wanted a leader who could be both their class president and their parent.