Sandbag volunteers needed

Within the next 12 to 24 hours the efforts will move south toward Huntsdale, McBaine and Hartsburg and continue on a 24-hour basis until the threat of flooding has lessened.

No identity thefts reported after security breach

A hacker broke into a University of Missouri System database last Thursday and Friday, stealing information that included the names and Social Security numbers of more than 22,000 current and former employees.

Database breach e-mails

Text of e-mails sent out by University of Missouri Department of Information Technology regarding campus database breach

MU employee Social Security numbers improperly accessed, police notified

A database containing the names and Social Security numbers of some current and former University of Missouri employees has been accessed by an unknown person or persons. The access was not authorized by the university.

Near-1993 flood levels predicted as rivers in Mo. breach banks

KANSAS CITY, Mo.— Numerous communities were evacuating their residents Monday as the National Weather Service predicted near-1993 flooding levels across much of the state, authorities said.

DNR ‘likely’ to talk with Nixon on Ameren deal

ST. LOUIS — Officials with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources may be willing to put aside differences with Attorney General Jay Nixon and work with him toward a settlement with Ameren Corp. over the Taum Sauk disaster, Doyle Childers, director of the department, said Monday.

Hammering away

Jason Morris takes a deep breath as he readies himself for one of his last hammer throws at practice.

New law to ease doctor shortages

ROLLA — Tracy Parsons keeps busy seeing a slew of patients with typical pressing health issues, including fevers, gashed fingers and ear infections.

Boone man arrested on firearms charge

A Boone County man was arrested Sunday night on suspicion of unlawful use of a weapon, second-degree assault and endangering the welfare of a child, according to the Boone County Sheriff’s Department.

Blood, shell casings found, but no victiim

A Columbia man was arrested Sunday after police found blood and shell casings in an apartment complex parking lot, Columbia Police Sgt. Lloyd Simons said.

Young Kewps hope to lead teammates

In its last game before the district tournament, the Hickman girls soccer team defeated Sedalia 1-0. The goal came early in the second half, when junior Liz Gayer violently headed an Edith Lopez corner kick into the net.

MOHELA sale gets approval from House

JEFFERSON CITY — Republicans call it the “largest student reform” and Democrats call it “Mo-Steala.”

Residents visit storm-torn town

GREENSBURG, Kan. ­— The death toll from a tornado that nearly obliterated this farming town climbed to nine on Monday, but residents said it could have been far worse if not for a 20-minute warning that gave them time to take shelter in storm cellars and basements.

Holocaust survivor speaks to students about camps

Although it ended more than 60 years ago, it seems words still can’t convey the magnitude of the Holocaust tragedy. So how do teachers relate the Holocaust to high school students?

City vote paves way for access to new labs

ABC Laboratories is building new pharmaceutical labs in Discovery Ridge Research Park. The building is set to open early next year, but one thing might hinder business: There is currently no road leading there.

Rains send river toward record level

The Missouri River is expected to reach levels not seen since the Great Flood of 1993 in some places by later this week.

Capturing the flag

Claire Faaborg, center, and Kelsey Benedict twirl their flags during the Hickman color guard’s practice in front of Hickman High School on Monday. The newest color guard group for Hickman has been together for three weeks.

Food inspections need to be a higher priority

It seemed strange to me last Saturday, when I found myself standing in the aisle of the lawn and garden center pondering whether I should plant a few vegetables in my flower garden. Let’s face it, except for a couple of tomato and green pepper plants, I haven’t done any serious vegetable gardening since my son went off to college more than 20 years ago.