Changing the faith

Alejandra Ruiz prays during Mass at Our Lady Queen of Angels Church in Los Angeles.

Catholicism is the most common religious affiliation among Hispanics, according to a recent survey conducted by the Pew Hispanic Center and the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life. Approximately 68 percent of those who were surveyed described themselves as Roman Catholic.

Come on, FIT! I don't want to go up a size

The numbers on clothing labels don’t mean much anymore, thanks to an industry trick called “vanity sizing.”

When women look at a label, the smaller the number, the better they feel about themselves.

Improving care for rural diabetics

Michelle Howell says each of the vans in her medical transport business pile up about 350 miles a day from driving people in rural mid-Missouri to and from their medical appointments.

Having her hands full

A shoe organizer in the upstairs bathroom holds four colorful electronic toothbrushes and individual tubes of toothpaste — one each for Brendan, 6; Emma, 3; Owen, 3; and Claire, 3.

Meet the MOMS

On the first Thursday of the month, in the fellowship hall of Community United Methodist Church, an eclectic group of mothers gathers for the evening. Some come alone, taking an evening off from the demands of parenting. Some bring their babies, rocking them in strollers or their arms.

Predictions of mass flooding didn’t hold water, reporting did

A Missouri River flood is a strange sort of disaster. Not like a tornado, which forms in an instant and destroys in seconds. Not like an ice storm, which leaves one guessing how much will accumulate and what the impact will be. Not like an earthquake, which comes with no warning and lasts but a moment.

Picture of the week

Boone County inmates were among the many people who helped with flood preparation in Hartsburg on May 9. Jeffrey Stemmons, left, helps Zach Jones, center, make sandbags as Brian Stetter works behind them.

Spill it

Between dogs and cats, I prefer … dogs. I don’t like litter boxes, and I like to go places and do things with my animals.

Grass — and mower — grows patience

I was scanning quotes on on mowing grass, and this popped up.

Perfect. Because if one thing is going to test your persistence week after week after week after week, it is the persistence of grass to keep growing and growing and growing and growing.

Notes from the heart

On a recent Monday, “Pretty Woman” starts playing, signaling to the members of the Heart of Missouri Chorus that it’s time to begin rehearsal. With Roy Orbison crooning from a boombox, the women move to the music.

She has stood in their cleats

With a purple knit hat covering her long brown hair and dressed in sweats, the keeper defending one of the goals during a Rock Bridge girls’ varsity soccer practice doesn’t look much different than the other athletes running around the field struggling to keep warm in the abnormally cool April weather.

Summer sports sabbatical hard to handle

The stacked rows of lights of Memorial Stadium will flicker on 18 weeks from today.

That’s longer than this year’s season of “Lost.”