Trial turns to truck’s parking

Was it a case of a man trying to run over a Lincoln County sheriff’s deputy with his truck, or just a case of a man forgetting to put his truck in gear on a slightly sloped driveway?

GANG: What's in the word?

In 1995, when she was a Columbia Parks and Recreation supervisor, Wynna Fae Elbert told a Missourian reporter that a late-night basketball program had low turnout because teenagers feared gang–related fighting. She didn’t know her words would spark a furor.

Medicaid drug tests eliminated

JEFFERSON CITY — Missouri lawmakers have scrapped a proposal to conduct random drug tests on Medicaid recipients for fear it could have cost more than $4 billion, the full amount of Medicaid money the state gets from the federal government.

Agent for fire group tries to make amends

“We’ve had such a strong relationship for such a long time, maybe complacency let us slide apart,” said Greg Brown, an association board member and chief of the Eureka Fire District. “But we want to try and build back those bridges.”

Unusual number of cars ransacked

About 20 cars were ransacked over the weekend in southwest Columbia near Scott Boulevard, according to the Boone County Sheriff’s Department.

City to explore how to pay for downtown projects

The City of Columbia will sponsor a public meeting Wednesday to discuss ways to fund further development of downtown Columbia.

Rummage for treasures

Curiosity led recent MU graduate Claire Lea to the east entrance of Memorial Stadium on Wednesday morning.

The wrong verbiage can hurt feelings

I was speaking at a conference recently in Calgary, Canada, when a student from Montana posed this question to me at the end of my talk: “Dr. Merrill, you referred to ‘foreign students’ in your talk. That seems to me to be a put-down of these students. Shouldn’t you call them ‘international students’?”

Poetry’s verses can instill values in us

Recently a local school boy was awarded a prize for a poem he composed. Joseph Brodsky, Soviet dissident and Nobel Laureate, proposed that all high school freshmen should be presented with the gift of a volume of American verse. What does poetry teach us? Form, structure, discipline, the beauty of our language, imagery and proper usage.

Plan ahead for flood insurance

Recent flooding in this state serves as a reminder of the costly effects of flooding on homes and businesses.

Having a ball

DECATUR, Ga. — Bill Hargrove took three small steps and dropped the ball at his feet with a loud clunk. While it rolled slowly down the lane, he held up his right arm in a camera-friendly pose.