Under pressure

While the Missouri Tigers tried to practice Tuesday like they would for any other game, there was a constant reminder that the upcoming weekend’s games are anything but normal.

New golf course will benefit MU

Last Saturday, a year of construction and a decade of planning culminated when the Club at Old Hawthorne celebrated its grand opening.

Streets to be closed for festival

A shift in philosophy will result in closing sections of Ninth and Fourth streets during this summer’s Twilight Festival, a move intended to increase safety and further promote local businesses.

A call to revoke Senate’s war authorization

From the beginning, the U.S. military attack on Iraq was a dangerous folly. The Bush administration misled the American people and, most importantly, Congress, with what Jimmy Carter described as “lies and misrepresentations.”

History has yet to grade Bush’s work

How history will treat President Bush’s administration won’t be determined for a number of years. Nevertheless, it is a dead-bang certainty that in 2008 syndicated columnists and local editorialists will lose a convenient punching bag in that bashing the president has been a welcome substitute for original journalistic thought or initiative since his 2000 election.

Housing demolition put off

After almost two years of debate between Park Avenue residents and the Columbia Housing Authority, the agency has indefinitely postponed the proposed redevelopment and demolition of 70 public housing apartments.

Missouri court rules in favor of unions

JEFFERSON CITY — Overturning a 60-year legal precedent, the Missouri Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that teachers and other public employees have a constitutional right to engage in collective bargaining with their government employers.

Baseball fans grab tickets to NCAA tourney

A steady stream of customers lined up early Tuesday afternoon to buy tickets to this weekend’s NCAA regional baseball tournament, as the MU athletics department embarked on a media blitz to make this weekend’s games the hottest ticket in town.

Here’s a tip: To get back pay, sue the boss

A judge ruled that food servers, bellhops and other tipped employees were due a pay raise when Missouri’s minimum wage rose this year, even though the state labor department initially advised otherwise.

Hoofing with hounds

Every Saturday is girls’ day out for Nelly Roach and Kiki Lovig. Since April, the women and their daughters, Kala Roach, 10, and Tess Lovig, 9, have met at Bear Creek Trail to share a morning walk with shelter dogs.

Purse snatcher receives 7-year sentence

One of the two women charged in three purse snatchings in Columbia last fall was sentenced to seven years in prison Tuesday.

Mother to serve 3 months for manslaughter of child

A Columbia woman convicted of suffocating her baby was sentenced to three months in jail, after Boone County Circuit Judge Gene Hamilton said that the case raised questions about double jeopardy.

County plans fairground add-ons

The Boone County Commission is planning to make a few additions to the Boone County Fairgrounds on the advice of an expert hired to make the grounds more profitable.

Residents petition for attention on climate

While city officials say local government is making good strides toward the goals outlined in the national Mayors Climate Protection Agreement, a group of Columbia residents has submitted a petition urging a more concerted effort.

Petitioners urge city council to act on mayors climate protection agreement

While city officials say local government is making good strides toward the goals outlined in the national Mayors Climate Protection Agreement, a group of Columbia residents has submitted a petition urging a more concerted effort.

Officials to tackle rezoning schools

Those involved in the Columbia public school rezoning efforts of the late 1990s still remember the obstacles they encountered.

Report cites influence of special interest money in Mo. judge races

In November 2006, Cole County Circuit Judge Tom Brown, who had served on the bench for 19 years, was defeated in his bid to retain his seat by Jon Beetem.

Iran-U.S. meeting breaks silence

BAGHDAD, Iraq — There were no major breakthroughs Monday as U.S. and Iranian diplomats held their first formal direct talks in more than a quarter of a century to discuss security in Iraq. But no one had expected any.

Not for sale

The walls of Zach and Jane Rippeto’s business are covered with large blueprints of plans to grow their enterprise on a 10-acre tract in southern Boone County.

Outdoor summer festival kicks off

The Belairs, Chump Change and The Fried Crawdaddies — groups The Blue Note and Mojo’s owner Richard King calls “great fun, really good and the perfect kickoff” — will launch Ninth Street Summerfest on Wednesday.