Global energy symposium comes to St. Louis

Presidents and faculty of 20 of Asia’s and the Middle East’s most prestigious research universities are gathering In St. Louis through Monday to try to find ways to collaborate in tackling such global challenges as climate change, air quality, potable water and environmentally benign energy sources.

Columbians appointed to two university boards

Two Columbians have been named to the governing boards of two Missouri universities: Cheryl Cozette, to the Truman State University Board of Governors and Edward L. Baker to the University of Central Missouri Board of Governors.

Day of prayer, worship

By summer’s end, a new city lake

In the next couple of weeks, the city expects to learn whether it will land a conservation grant that would trigger development of what will soon become the largest public body of water in Columbia open to anglers.

No hook, no line, no sinker

Gary Webb learned to swim when he was 3 years old. He went on his first fishing trip at age 5. And at 12, he caught his first large catfish with his bare hands. “I wrapped my legs around it, dove down, and my 5-year-old brother had to grab my hair and pull me to shore,” Webb, now 63, said. He held on to the 12½-pound fish the whole time.

Task force reviews safety plan

The governor’s Campus Safety Task Force members suggested many topics that could be covered in a report the governor has asked be submitted to him by Aug. 15. The discussion included topics such as how to alert students and staff of crises, how to handle information restricted by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and whether it is possible to create a standardized program for all higher education institutions across the state.

Women’s testimony give alibi to Cunningham

Two women testified Thursday in the murder trial of Rodney Cunningham that the defendant was partying with them in a hotel across town when Carlos Kelly was beaten to death at his northwest Columbia apartment last year.

Saddlebred stud seeks young mare.

On a balmy morning in late March, Columbia horse breeder Jim Stewart enters his eggshell and cobalt-colored fiberglass shed that serves as a stable to check his business’ newest addition.

DNA does not match suspect, expert says

The DNA expert who analyzed evidence from the crime scene where Carlos Kelly was slain last year told jurors on Wednesday that test results did not match the DNA collected from the man on trial for killing Kelly.

Blunt reports free out-of-state trips

Gov. Matt Blunt received nearly $21,500 in free out-of-state travel last year for trade missions, conferences and other business.

Heavier traffic enforcement this month

The Columbia Police Department has planned special traffic enforcement around the city just in time for graduation ceremonies.

Woman enters young driver’s car, demands money

A young woman was robbed Tuesday afternoon when another woman jumped in her car and demanded cash.

Student and mentor

April 3 was a difficult day for Stacey Gelina. She and her three children were supposed to be welcoming her husband’s unit back to Camp Lejeune in North Carolina that night.

Medicaid bill still in hearings as session nears the end.

With two weeks left in the 2007 General Assembly session, a committee vote on the bill to restructure Medicaid has been delayed until Tuesday at the earliest, committee chairman Rep. Robert Schaaf, R-St. Joseph, said during a hearing Wednesday.

Dancer moves to a new stage

Mary Rotella rose from her desk and ran down the hall. There wasn’t an emergency. No one was hurt. There was no fire — it was just a moment to be with her students.

Columbia’s future hangs on real jobs

When William Fruth came to town in November to give a presentation on the economic future of Columbia and Boone County, he perplexed the audience with his research findings and insight.

Woman selected as new director for agriculture

Gov. Matt Blunt has nominated a 29-year-old to be the first female Agriculture Director in Missouri history.

Murder interrogation posted on Web

“Have you ever had the cops in your face?” That’s the question posed in a video Bill Ferguson posted on the popular Web site YouTube last week.

Extra Points

The Missouri softball team jumped three spots to 18th in the nation in Softball poll after splitting with seventh-ranked Baylor over the weekend.

Results due on private vs. public proposal

The trophy cases at Belle High School are crammed with reminders of past athletic glories. By any measure, the awards represent a sizable haul for a school with a shade more than 300 students.