Local celebrities dance, raise $37,000 for Missouri Contemporary Ballet

Ten local celebrities, paired with professional dancers from Columbia’s Twilight Dance Studios, showcased their talents Thursday night at “Dancing with Missouri Stars.” The benefit raised $37,00 for the not-for-profit Missouri Contemporary Ballet.

Children encouraged to play in the dirt at National Trails Day Expo

From bear skins to coloring sheets, the National Trails Day Expo offered children the chance to learn and have fun.

City Council leaning toward KC landscape firm for city hall grounds

The grounds around city hall, which are in the midst of a renovation and expansion project, are poised to receive a major makeover by a Kansas City landscape architecture firm known for using environmentally friendly designs.

Suspect who left the scene of an accident still missing, police say

Columbia police were looking for a man they say ran from the scene of a car accident Friday afternoon in north Columbia.

Man drags burning mattress out of apartment complex

A Columbia man dragged a smoldering mattress down the stairs of Oak Towers Apartments at about noon Saturday to waiting firefighters, said Division Chief Glenn Rush.

Columbia man shot in head at fight at convenience store

A Columbia man was in serious condition after being shot in the head at a north Columbia convenience early Saturday morning, police said.

Nobel Peace Prize winner tells Rock Bridge students to make a difference in the world

An early morning phone call from Bangladesh could possibly change the lives of students at Rock Bridge High School. At least that’s what World Studies and Contemporary Issues teacher Matt Cone is hoping.

Pressure eases for Ottawa

Upon further review, the Ottawa Senators are right back in the Stanley Cup finals.

Cavaliers to meet

Crown them one and all, the kid called King and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Edwards builds Busch lead

Carl Edwards’ hard push to the finish line was slowed only by the caution flag.

Accomplished Athlete

Pushing his goggles snug to his face, Matt Hood looks down the lane before the 400-meter freestyle. Hood, a 28-year-old Special Olympics Athlete with Down syndrome, has had to overcome a lot to be a competitive swimmer.

Tailgaters display colors before victory

A single Missouri flag flew high in the air on Friday afternoon. Its pole led down to a red truck parked in a lot down the hill from Taylor Stadium. Usually, this is a prime location for fans gearing up for Saturday morning tailgating before Missouri football games.

A little rain, a lot of art

It took a team of angels to make the 49th annual Art in the Park happen.

Election drama stirs up voters

Despite his failure to pay city taxes on time, Paul Heywood’s name will remain on the ballot for Sturgeon’s special mayoral election on Tuesday.

Curators to try again to find UM president

The search goes on. The UM System Board of Curators’ first choice for system president turned down the offer in favor of a position in the private sector, board chairman Don Walsworth announced Friday.

Columbia’s class of 2007

The Columbia Public School District has reason to celebrate.

The class of 2007 boasted record numbers graduating from both Douglass and Rock Bridge high schools.

Rummage sale exceeded organizer’s expectations

Couches from the 1980s, small microwaves and a singing Big Mouth Billy Bass toy. It sounds like a regular May garage sale, but there was nothing regular about this rummage sale.

Cheney birth shows flaws in GOP’s stance

Thank the Almighty, whatever that might mean, for planting the seed of life in the lesbian body of Mary Cheney and for granting her parents the opportunity to show support for a homosexual couple raising a child in an atmosphere of love. The message, carried prominently in news reports throughout the world, is that America has come of age in recognizing, as do most truly modern countries, that homosexuality is indeed normal.

Success of social programs reform leads the way to more

Imagine a line composed of every household with children in the United States, arranged from lowest to highest income. Now, divide the line into five equal parts. Which of the groups do you think enjoyed big increases in income since 1991? If you read the papers, you probably would assume that the bottom fifth did the worst. After all, income inequality in America is increasing, right?

Air show group should give up costly fight

The Memorial Day weekend air show has become a Boone County tradition. I’ve never attended, but I’ve always thought it was a nice way to get people out to trample the grass growing on the runways of Englewood International Airport. The patriotic, even militaristic, nature of the activities hasn’t bothered me much. What always did bother me, though, was the unconstitutional censoring of protesters’ First Amendment rights. It was not only illegal, but also unwise, for the city of Columbia to conspire with the air show organizers to forbid a hardy handful of antiwar activists from handing out leaflets and circulating petitions.