One family's past is Columbia's future

The city of Columbia announced earlier this year that it had reached a deal to buy the Crane family's property and turn it into a park. The Cranes will get a little more than $8 million for the property and must move by March 2008, but their hearts will be broken, they say.

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The easiest part of being a journalism professor may be teaching. The toughest part is trying to figure out what journalism will look like when our students are my age.

A religious path back home

Anantha Gopalaratnam starts Saturday mornings with a prayer to the Hindu deity Vishnu. The prayer is a religious tradition she learned from her parents while growing up in Maharashtra, a state located in the west central part of India.

Crossing the life line

After nearly six months of waiting, Dave Chrystal received notice that he would be getting a heart from a 24-year-old Kansas suicide victim in what Chrystal called “the most emotional moment anyone could ever experience.”

New machines help find children’s veins

When Children’s Hospital at MU Health Care asked Pascale’s Pals for a VeinViewer machine, Sylvie Carpentier, founder of the organization, did not hesitate to write the $25,000 check.

Join the club by suggesting a good read

What do you like to read? I always want to know. I ask my friends. I ask my students. Their choices help me get to know them better. But I’m also looking for that next great read. Personal recommendations are more honest than dust jacket quotes. So I peppered friends and family with e-mails for suggestions for a summer book list. They came up with wonderful choices.

Mid-Missouri fish hatchery stocks Columbia lake.

"It reeks!" 16-year-old Chelsea Myers exclaimed as she watched Steve Kahrs of Osage Catfisheries wade into the lake and lower white buckets full of wriggling fish into the water.