Loss limits in Missouri casinos hurt business, help gamblers

A protection to keep gamblers from losing more than $500 in two hours remains in place in Missouri, even though it’s feeling some pressure from nearby states that don’t have such loss limits.

Celebrating Scandinavia

Lena, a singing toy plastic lobster bought in America, wiggled her red claws and sang louder then Ole, the singing lobster from Sweden. But it was only due to Ole’s need for new batteries. The origins of the lobsters, which served as mascots for the Scandinavian Midsummer Festival on Sunday, were representative of the dual heritage of the society’s members.

“We are Americans, yes. But we are also descendants of Scandinavia, and we’re proud of that,” said Chuck Headley, treasurer of the Scandinavian Heritage Society. “It’s getting in touch with who you are.”

Residents rally for ’08 votes

With less than eight months before Missouri’s presidential primary election, some Columbia residents are starting to mobilize support for the three leading Democratic presidential contenders.

Vaccine-autism debate hits court

Nearly 5,000 families will seek to convince a special “vaccine court” in Washington that the vaccines can cause healthy children to become autistic — even though a large body of evidence and expert opinion has found no link.

Sex ed bill demands abstinence emphasis

A bill awaiting Gov. Matt Blunt’s signature requires greater emphasis on abstinence in Missouri’s sex education curriculum and prohibits certain organizations from teaching sex education in schools.

BOONE LIFE: Preaching on the prairie

Known as Cowboy Church, a small group of congregants and two church leaders convene each Tuesday evening in front of a small log cabin at the Lambert residence.

Two women robbed at home at gunpoint

Two women were robbed at gunpoint by a pair of men in west Columbia late Saturday night, Columbia police said.

Man in fair condition after truck rolls

An Iowa man was seriously injured Saturday when his truck overturned several times on Interstate 70 in Columbia.

Airport posts flights schedule to K.C.

Beginning July 8, U.S. Airways Express will discontinue all flights to St. Louis from Columbia Regional Airport and begin flying only to and from Kansas City International Airport.

Researcher crowned Miss Missouri

Miss River City was crowned Miss Missouri at a ceremony Saturday night.

Lawmakers look to close public info

A measure that has generated some attention would withhold the identities of people who carry out state executions in Missouri and allow for lawsuits against those who disclose that information.

G-8 addresses climate change

Turning it on

Jacob Schneider, a 17-year-old student from Hickman High School, has been around horses all his life. His entire family competes in barrel racing, a horse racing event where riders have to maneuver their horse around barrels.

Pujols befuddles Angels

Albert Pujols said he wasn’t making pitchers pay for mistakes earlier in the season. He’s making them pay now.

Eyes on the prize

Powered by gravity and determination, more than 30 participants gathered Sunday to race down Broadway in one of three divisions for a chance to compete in the National Super Kids Classic in mid-July in Akron, Ohio.