Man suspected of sharing child pornography arrested

A Columbia man was arrested at his home Wednesday on suspicion of promoting child pornography.

Reactor drills will test reaction times

If you see fire trucks speeding toward MU’s Research Reactor Center on Monday with lights blazing and horns blaring, don’t worry. This is only a test.

$5,000 paid for injuries to Columbia student

The Columbia Public School District’s insurance company will pay $5,000 to Phil and Cheryl Mitchell to offset medical bills in the settlement of a personal-injury lawsuit filed against the district.

Missouri guardsman awarded flying medal for heroism in Iraq

A southwest Missouri National Guard sergeant has been awarded the U.S. Army's Distinguished Flying Cross medal for heroism during a flight over Iraq that came under fire.

New board asks for public input on St. Louis schools

Members of the board now overseeing St. Louis schools used their first meeting today to ask the community for help.

Springfield competes to host ‘Simpsons’ movie premiere

Springfield, MO city hundreds of residents to turn out Saturday to film a mass scene for its entry in a national contest to host next month’s premiere of the movie version of long-running TV cartoon “The Simpsons.”

Romney touts conversion to anti-abortion cause at K.C. convention

Hoping to win over doubters in a key Republican constituency, Mitt Romney told hundreds of anti-abortion activists today that his conversion to their cause is genuine and that he “made the right decision.”

Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, is seeking the GOP presidential nomination against others who have had consistent anti-abortion records.

Legal question could delay Mo. project to repair 800 bridges

A legal question concerning the bidding process is threatening to derail the state’s efforts to repair and maintain 800 of its worst bridges.

Digging into history

David Sapp of the Boone County Historical Society and Earl Lubensky of the Missouri Archaeological Society are once again leading a search for clues about the once thriving development known as Lexington near Rocheport.

“We hope to finally discover something between the well and the blacksmith shop,” Sapp said. “If this was a town, there should be something in between.”

This summer’s dig, which is scheduled to end June 23, is the third excavation being done on Bill and Judith Heffernan’s farm near Rocheport. Lexington was a settlement along Boone’s Lick Trail that existed in the 1820s.

Teachers not yet a reality for e-school

The Missouri Virtual Instruction Program, starting in August, will take children out of the traditional classroom and send them online to learn. Yet no teachers have been hired for the program.

Soup kitchen marks 25 years of aid to poor

On Thursday, the Loaves and Fishes soup kitchen marked a quarter century of service. It has served an evening meal every day — 9,245 days for those who are counting — since it was founded.

Boost for ethanol a quandary for sellers

JEFFERSON CITY — Gas station owners might need to change how they sell fuel to comply with the state ethanol mandate, Department of Agriculture Director Katie Smith said Thursday.

Blunt asks for disaster status for flooded land

State government and some Missouri farmers are still dealing with May flooding along the Missouri River.

Dancing in the twilight

Cleaning up plates across the 50 states

Piles of picked-over food, bursting bus tubs and soap suds have long been occupational hazards for Pete Jordan.

Monsanto grant to help pay for farm greenhouse

The Thomas Jefferson Agricultural Institute has received a $200,000 grant from the Monsanto Fund, which will pay for the construction of a new greenhouse.

A picture of health

A set of eight bug eyes peers out intently at the passing landscape of metal, grass, pavement and human flesh. The metal eyes record every move below them as they pass by silently thousands of feet away, far above their intended subject.

After boost from his brother, cobbler runs a one-man operation

Five questions with Jim Barker, owner and store manager at Cobbler Brothers:

Columbia man charged in Subway burglary

Brian A. Downing, 49, of Columbia, was arrested Thursday in connection with a burglary early that morning at Subway, 607 Business Loop 70 E. Columbia police Capt. Zim Schwartze said an employee of a nearby business told police he heard glass breaking and saw the suspect pedal away with a box of loot.

Ready to Rope

Cindy Wood didn’t walk across the stage during the 2007 Hickman High School graduation ceremony at Mizzou Arena. She was at a rodeo.