Much-needed meals

Lunch in the Park is held in Douglass Park every weekday and is well into its seventh year. Program coordinator Cindy Mustard believes the work she and the volunteers do is needed in the community.

“Most of the kids coming here are low-income,” she said. “We’re here to make sure they have something healthy available to eat.”

Bio lab disease list issued

Jay Lindner, who started a petition in support of the lab, said the diseases on the list released by the Department of Homeland Security would not change his mind no matter what they were.

Downtown hotel would be replaced

Mike Ebert and Keith Owens, owners of Regency Hotel, plan to join forces with an undisclosed, national hotel chain and a hotel development company to demolish the old building.

Group opposes alcohol sales in city parks

A group of volunteer advisers has taken issue with a proposal to allow alcohol sales in city parks. Columbia’s Substance Abuse Advisory Commission has been discussing a proposal that would permit special-occasion sales of alcohol in city parks.